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rolling mill gear boxes

Offering quality tested Rolling Mill Gear Boxes, we chiefly developed for rolling mills and has huge performing capacity. In this, the number of drives is equal to the number of mill stands or number of passes. The rolling mill gear boxes are highly durable and prove more cost effective in the long run. We supplying the best quality of Gear Boxes particularly used for the driving of Roughing & Intermediate Trains. Rolling-Mill-Gear-Boxes

These are developed from genuine casted iron and stainless steel. The Gears are forged, hardened & tempered alloy steel, caged in a sturdy fabricated steel housing and are suitable to bear overloads resulting from the flywheel fitted on the input shaft. Pinion Stands 2Hi / 3Hi configurations are used in Roughing & Intermediate Mill Trains. Further, it is one input three output gear box, coupled with one AC-motor, for driving four finishing mill stands. The machine has one oval repeater that is followed by three continues Roller bearing mill stands. The Pinions are of hardened & tempered alloy steel, caged in a sturdy fabricated steel housing and are suitable to bear the loads resulting during rolling.Rolling-Mill-Gear-Boxes

Rolling Mill gearbox Feature

Single, Double, Multi Stage Gearboxes
Suspender Gearboxes
Reduction cum Pinion Stands
Speed Increaser Gearbox cum Pinion Stands
Fly shear Gearboxes for Heavy Duty Steel Cutting

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