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Rotary screen and gearboxes

Our gearbox and gear motors are widely used for rotary screen system and has a good performance already. We have two type for used in this system. XB series cycloildal gear motors, R series helical gear motors, F series parallel shaft helical gear motors and last, ZQ seires gearboxes. rotary-screen-gearmotorEach type has their own mounting way. We can choose the right type according to every type of the rotary screen

This rotary screen is widely used for screening and classifying mineral materials in the industry like metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal, building materials, abrasives, and other industries.
The Structure:
Series GTS Series GTS drum rotary screen is made up of rotary drum device, sealing cover, feed opening, discharge opening, support, motor, motor reducer, etc. The rotary drum device is installed on the support at an angle.


1. Include single, rotary-screen-gearmotorsdouble, and muti-layer type
2. Strong capacity and low noise
3. Easy maintenance
4. High-efficient and power-saving
5.High efficiency and strong durability
Working principle:
The rotary drum device is connected with the motor by shaft coupling through motor reducer, and is driven by the motor to rotate around the axis shaft line. When the materials flow into the rotary drum device, as a result of the inclination and rotation of the rotary drum device, the materials on the screen surface will rotate and roll, finally the qualified materials (undersize materials) will be discharged through the screen mesh which is installed around the encircle of the rotary drum, and the unqualified materials (oversize materials) rotary-screen-gearboxeswill be discharged from the end of the rotary drum. The materials rotate and roll in the rotary drum, so the materials stuck in screen pores can be ejected out to prevent the screen pores from being blocked.


 Annual output(t)

Handle amountshour(t/h) 

Outside diameter sieve(mm) 

Length (m) 

Power (kw)


























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