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The classifications and types of speed reducer

different types of speed reducers is a relatively precise machinery, it is used for decreasing the rotate speed, meanwhile increasing the torque. There are many types of speed reducers classification and types of gearbox speed reducer for different purposes. classification of reducer manufacturers, classification of reducer and classification of reducer factory, classification of reducer suppliers.

what is a gear reducer? what is a speed reducer? from china classification of reducer, you can see reduction gearbox types, most types of reduction gearbox are use as a gear speed reducers or speed reductor, classification of gearbox, motor speed reducer, some types of gear drives. 

1. According to the type of drive, gear reducer types there are gear reducer, worm gearbox and planetary gearbox. from gear drive types, types of gear motor.

2. According to the different stages types of gear reducers, there are single stage gear drive and multi-stages speed reductor.

3.  According to the shape of the gears, there are cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and bevel-helical gear reducer.

4.  According to the assembling of transmission, there are parallel shaft gear motor, right angle shaft gear motor speed reducer speed reduction gearbox and in-line shaft motor reductor.

Commonly used speed reducers

1. cycloidal gear motor,gear drive speed reducers.


2. Hard gear face cylindrical inline gearbox reducer


3. Planetary gear reducer,motor gearbox types


4. Soft gear face gearbox

classification of gear box

5. Three-Ring Gear Reducer

different types of speed reducers

6. Crane reducer gear speed reducer 

types of speed reducers

7. worm gear motor, speed reduction gearboxes

classification of reducer manufacturers

8. Shaft-mounted hard gear face reducer

shaft_mounted_gear_drive.jpgspeed reduction gearbox

9.stepless speed variator,inline gear reduction box

speed reduction gearbox

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