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Column gearbox

Research on Inspection of Column gearbox

The maintenance methods and quality standards of the column gearbox are mainly described. The key points of the demolition and overhaul control of the column gearbox are put forward. The relevant precautions for the disassembly and assembly of the reducer are introduced. The methods and experience of bearing change, clearance adjustment and clearance measurement are clarified.
Spare parts and tools preparation. Before the start of construction, a comprehensive inspection and verification of the materials and spare parts used in the overhaul will be carried out to ensure that they are ready for use. A comprehensive visual inspection and experiment will be carried out on the used inspection tools. Cable reels, power tools and lifting tools are all in the inspection cycle. And the appearance inspection is qualified. After the inspection is passed, all of them are transported to the designated location on the inspection site for on-site inspection and preparation. The maintenance site is scheduled to be managed. Before the start of construction, the layout of the maintenance site is completed, the inspection measures are fully implemented, the work ticket has been completed, and the conditions for commencement of work have been completed. The construction period is at the end. The person in charge of the work shall explain to the staff the precautions, the quality requirements for the inspection, the progress of the work, and the work of entering the work site to begin the repair work.
1. Remove the outer ring of each bearing (marked well), and lift the high-speed shaft, medium-speed shaft and low-speed shaft of the reducer, and place the inspection area. The gears and shafts of the reducer are initially inspected without cracks, broken teeth and falling blocks. The gears are not loose on the shaft.
2. Limited arrangement check the joint of the oil seal of the shaft head of the reducer and the wear of the shaft surface for timely brush plating. The shaft surface wears evenly, and the wear groove marks are less than 0.3mm, otherwise it is processed. Prioritize the inspection of the rotating wear of the bearing housing of the gearbox housing of the reduction gearbox, and record the wear of the bearing retaining ring and the end cap for specific measurement.
3. The mechanical oil in the reducer is stored in a special oil cylinder. The tank is cleaned with kerosene, and the inside of the gearbox is initially inspected (the ground oil is cleaned in time to avoid slipping). In combination with the external leakage of the gearbox body, do a good job of marking the points inside the box without cracks or abnormalities. Clean the lower and lower tank sealing surfaces of the reducer and check the sealing surface.
Fracture failure analysis of reducer shaft

The macroscopic and microscopic morphology analysis, chemical composition analysis, mechanical property test and SEM micromorphology analysis were used to analyze the causes of the shaft fracture of the reducer. The results show that the heat treatment process is not standardized, and the production of the vision is the shaft of the reducer. The main reason; the unreasonable design position of the keyway accelerates the breakage of the reducer shaft.
The axis of the reducer is cut and sampled, the surface morphology of the fracture surface is macroscopically detected, the chemical composition of the shaft of the reducer is analyzed by a read-only spectrometer, and the microstructure of the shaft of the reducer from the surface to the core is studied by a metallographic microscope. The microhardness of the shaft of the reducer was measured, and the microscopic morphology of the shaft fracture of the reducer was observed by SEM scanning electron microscopy.
The direct reading spectral chemical composition analysis results of the shaft material of the reducer are shown in Table 1. The composition analysis results show that the shaft material of the reducer is carbon steel and does not contain other alloying elements. According to the general selection principle of shaft parts, the 45 steel chemistry specified in the standard is combined. In addition to the silicon content, the other components are in line with the requirements of steel. It can be determined that the shaft material of the reducer is 45 steel.

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