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WB series miniature concentric gearbox
product description:
WB series concentric gearbox is a kind of machine that realizes deceleration according to the principle of less tooth difference planetary transmission and cycloidal pin gear meshing. The micro-reduction machine with advanced design and novel structure is a supplement to the universal X and B series concentric gearbox. The machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, flange type, method blue type, double shaft type and direct connection type. WB series concentric gearbox has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, environmental protection, rubber and plastics, textile, printing and dyeing, wood processing, ceramics, elevators, wind power, road and bridge terminals, assembly lines, paper, printing, packaging, food, grain and oil Mechanical equipment in the processing, metal processing, sewing, mold, aerial work, lifting, lifting and other industries.

Performance characteristics: concentric helical gear drives
1. WB concentric gearbox is compact and small. Due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft output shaft is on the same axis, making the model as small as possible.
2, the product runs smoothly, low noise, cycloidal gear teeth, many teeth, large overlap coefficient and mechanism of machine balance, so that vibration and squeaking are limited to a minimum.
3. WB series miniature concentric gearbox adopts high speed ratio and high efficiency single-stage transmission, which can achieve a reduction ratio of 1:87, and the efficiency is above 90%. If multi-stage transmission is adopted, the reduction ratio is larger.
4. Reliable use and long service life Because the main parts are made of high-carbon chrome steel material, high strength is obtained by quenching treatment (HRC58~62), and some transmission contact adopts rolling friction, so it has long durability and long service life.
5, reasonable design, easy maintenance, easy to disassemble and install, the minimum number of parts and simple lubrication, so that the concentric gearbox is deeply trusted by users. gear reducers
Technical concentric gear reducer Parameters:
Power: 0.04KW ~ 3KW
Torque: 25N•m~250N•m
Transmission ratio: single stage: 9-87 two-stage: 121-1849
MB series concentric gears planetary friction type concentric helical gear drives

gearmotorhelical gear moto
product description:
The MB concentric helical gear drives has been proven to be used in many different types of continuously variable transmissions. It is widely used in food machinery due to its convenient design and stable transmission. In the printing, papermaking machinery, rubber, plastic machinery, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and various working production lines, where the process parameters are variable and the speed changes continuously, the best working speed of the machine is explored during the trial production of new products. .
Performance characteristics:
1. All transmission parts of MB concentric helical gear drives have undergone strict processing, precision machining, grinding, contact and lubrication performance, so the operation is stable, low noise and long service life.
2. The concentric helical gear drives has high speed regulation precision and the speed regulation precision is 0.5-1 rpm, which is the leader of similar products. The height range is large and the speed range is Rb=5.
3. The output torque and power of the transmission change with the change of the output rotation number, and have the mechanical characteristics of variable torque and variable power.
4. The biggest feature of MB transmission is that it can effectively use various gear reducers, concentric gearboxs, worm gear reducers and geared motors to increase the output torque and realize various occasions. Minimum and maximum output speed for good adaptability.
Speed range:
1. Basic type: 200-1000r/min
2. The gearbox has a first gear reduction (i=2.5-5): 40-200r/min
3. The gearbox has two-stage gear reduction (i=7.1-25): 8-140r/min
4. The gearbox has three-stage gear reduction (i=42-100): 2-23.5r/min
Technical Parameters:
Input power: 0.18 ~ 15KW
Output speed: 2 ~ 2000r / min
Allowable torque ≤2002N.M

gearbox motor flangegeared-motor
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