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Parallel Shaft

The difference between hardened parallel shaft gear motor and soft and medium hardened parallel shaft gearbox

With the development of technology and the wide application of computers, the development of world transmission technology tends to adopt hard-tooth surface parallel shaft gearboxs. According to statistics, the use of hard-tooth parallel shaft gearbox gears makes the weight of the machine lighter, the volume becomes smaller, the quality is continuously improved, and the working speed is also improved by one level.
According to the hardness of the tooth surface, people usually divide the gear transmission into two types, namely the hard tooth surface gear transmission and the soft tooth surface gear transmission, and also divide it into three categories, that is, add a type of medium hard tooth surface gear transmission. A gear surface with a hardness greater than 350HB or 38HRC is called a hardened parallel shaft gear motor; a gear working face with a hardness less than or equal to 280HB is called a soft-toothed gear; the middle between them is called a medium-hard gear. The corresponding parallel shaft gearbox is called hard tooth surface parallel shaft gearbox or medium hard surface parallel shaft gearbox, soft tooth surface parallel shaft gearbox.

parallel shaft gearbox

Compared with the hardened surface parallel shaft gearbox, the parallel shaft gearbox is a superior choice for domestic traditional crane design because of its simple structure and relatively low price. However, because the basic parameters are not reasonable and the technical level is backward, it will inevitably be replaced by various new speed parallel shaft gearboxs, especially for hoist parallel shaft gearboxs that are important components.
Secondly, the medium-hard surface parallel shaft gearbox, the gear of this type of parallel shaft gearbox is subjected to tooth surface quenching treatment, the hardness of the tooth surface is improved, the pitting and wear resistance are strong, and the heart has good toughness, so that the root The strength is greatly improved, and the life is improved. Representative type is the base type QJ-D parallel shaft gearbox for cranes.
The gear of the hardened surface parallel shaft gearbox is carburized and quenched by the tooth surface, which greatly improves the hardness of the tooth surface, has strong pitting resistance and wear resistance, and has good toughness in the core, so that the root strength ratio The medium-hard surface parallel shaft gearbox has been improved and the service life has been greatly improved. Representative types such as cylindrical parallel shaft gear motor ZDY, ZLY, ZSY and crane base hard surface parallel shaft gearbox QY3D, QY4D, QY34D.

The hardness of the tooth surface of the hardened surface parallel shaft gearbox is nearly double that of the medium hard tooth surface, and the feature of "outer hard and tough" is formed. Since the bearing capacity of the tooth surface is related to the hardness of the tooth surface, the higher the hardness, the higher the bearing capacity. Studies have shown that for gear transmission of hardened parallel shaft gear motor, the bearing capacity of the tooth surface contact strength is proportional to the square of the hardness. The bearing capacity of the bending strength is proportional to the primary of the hardness. Therefore, the hardened gear improves the pitting resistance by 2.5-3 times, the bending resistance by 1-1.5 times, and the wear resistance by 2.3 times when the tooth tangent speed is 0.3 m/s.

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