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Winches-standard type gearboxes

winch helical gearboxIt is said that this Standard Winches can fit any system. Being a most reliable, safest, and cost-effective winch, the gearbox in this system plays an very important roles.

The winch gear-units used for this kind of  winches is helical bevel gears which is very common in heavy duty industry. Crane or hoist duty is the most.
The electric motor power is from small o big and selected according to the actual need.

Usually with a VFD brake AC-motor. Explosion winch gear-unitsProof is available. IEC frame. The motor rotor is directly going through the hollow part of the gear-units. The winch helical gearbox has a key to connect the shaft of the motor. So when electric motor axis runs, the hollow also speed with it. so the entire sets works.
Sometimes we can add a clutch in the roller of the winch. It is good for the frequency start and stop operating. and the most
important, it is more safe.Standard Winches gear units

The gear-units is a two or three stages gearing type. With oil pump lubrication system and cooling system on. The housing is cast iron which is very strong to bearing big torque.

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