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NMRV Gearbox

NMRV Gearbox

NMRV Series Aluminum Material Worm Gearbox

NMRV reducer is one of the more common reducers in the worm gear motor family. It consists of a worm and a worm gear. It has a compact structure, a large transmission ratio, and a transmission mechanism with self-locking function under certain conditions. It is the most commonly used. One of the worm gear motor has low vibration, low noise and low energy consumption.

NMRV reducer is mainly used for robot joints of more than 20 kg.The reducer is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission
equipment. The motor and its high-speed running power are meshed with the gears on the input shaft of the reducer to mesh the large gears
on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration. The worm gear reducer The installation is also relatively simple, the worm gear
reducer has flexible characteristics and is easy to maintain.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
NMRV030 gear motor A large gear ratio can be obtained, which is more compact than the staggered helical gear mechanism. In the current mechanism for transmitting
power and motion, the worm gear reducer has a wide range of applications.
NMRV040 gear motor The worm gear reducer increases the output torque at the same time of decreasing the speed. The torque output ratio is proportional to the
motor output and the reduction ratio. However, it should be noted that the rated torque of the worm gear reducer cannot be exceeded. The
worm gear reducer generally uses 220# gear oil for heavy load and start. Frequently used and low-precision gearboxes, some lubricant
additives can be used to keep the gear oil on the gear surface when the gearbox stops running, forming a protective film to prevent heavy
load, low speed, high torque and metal between starters. Direct contact.
NMRV050 gear motor The transmission efficiency is low and the wear is serious. When the worm gear meshes with the transmission, the relative sliding speed between
the meshing gear teeth is large, so the friction loss is large and the efficiency is low. To correctly select the NMRV worm reducer, please first
understand the load condition using the speed range or speed ratio (combined with the two-stage Low operating speed and operating
conditions (temperature, humidity, corrosion, etc.) are available.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
The NMRV reducer consists of a front stage of a planetary gear reducer and a rear stage of a cycloid reducer. The NMRV reducer has a compact structure, a large transmission ratio, and a transmission mechanism with a self-locking function under certain conditions. One of the most
commonly used reducers with low vibration, low noise and low energy consumption

NMRV transmission is a new type of transmission. It is developed on the basis of the traditional oscillating planetary transmission. It not only
overcomes the shortcomings of the general sway transmission, but also has a small size, light weight, large transmission ratio range and long
life. A series of advantages such as long length, stable accuracy, high efficiency and smooth transmission. It has received increasing attention
from both home and abroad.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030motovario nmrv
NMRV reducer is composed of cycloidal pin wheel and planetary bracket. It is widely used in industrial robots, machine tools and medical testing
due to its small size, strong impact resistance, large torque, high positioning accuracy, small vibration and large reduction ratio. Equipment,
satellite receiving systems and other fields. It has much higher fatigue strength, stiffness and life than the harmonic transmissions commonly
used in robots, and the hysteresis accuracy is stable. Unlike harmonic transmission, the motion accuracy will be significantly reduced with the
use of time, so many countries in the world High-precision robot transmission adopts NMRV reducer. Therefore, this kind of NMRV reducer has
gradually replaced the development trend of harmonic reducer in advanced robot transmission.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
motovario nmrv working principle: The NMRV-E type reducer is a 2-stage reduction type. First reduction unit... spur gear reduction mechanism The rotation of the input shaft is transmitted from the input gear to the spur gear, and is decelerated by the gear ratio. This is the first speed
reduction section.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030 Second speed reduction unit... differential gear speed reduction mechanism The spur gear is connected to the crankshaft and becomes the input of the second reduction unit. In the eccentric portion of the crankshaft,
the NMRV gear is mounted by a rolling bearing. In addition, the needle teeth on the inner side of the casing are only one more than the number
of NMRV gears, and are arranged at the same pitch. If the fixed housing rotates the spur gear, the NMRV gear also performs eccentric motion due to the eccentric motion of the crank shaft. At this time, if the crankshaft rotates one revolution, the NMRV gear will rotate one tooth in the opposite direction to the crankshaft. This rotation is output to the shaft of the second reduction unit. When the shaft is fixed, the outer casing side becomes the output side
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
motovario nmrv principle The transmission of the NMRV reducer is composed of a first-stage involute cylindrical gear planetary reduction mechanism and a second-stage
cycloidal pinion planetary reduction mechanism. The closed differential gear train is shown in Figure 2.2. The active sun gear 1 is connected
to the input shaft. If the involute center wheel 1 rotates clockwise, it will drive the three planet wheels 2 arranged at 120° to revolve around
the central axis and counterclockwise. The three crankshafts 3 are fixedly coupled to the planetary gear 2 and rotate at the same speed. Two
cycloidal wheels 4 with a phase difference of 180° are hinged on the three crankshafts and mesh with the fixed pinwheels, and the needles
are wound around the axis. While the wheel axis revolves, it will also rotate in the opposite direction, that is, rotate clockwise. The output
mechanism (i.e., the carrier) 6 is propelled by three pairs of crankshaft support bearings mounted thereon, and the rotation vector on the
cycloidal wheel is transmitted at a 1:1 ratio.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
motovario nmrv Characteristics (l) a large transmission ratio range; (2) The torsional stiffness is large, and the output mechanism is the planet carrier supported at both ends. The rigid disc with the left end of
the planet carrier is output. The large disc is bolted with the working mechanism, and its torsional stiffness is much larger than that of the
general cycloidal pinwheel. The output mechanism of the reducer. Under the rated torque, the elastic backlash is small; (3) As long as the design is reasonable and the manufacturing assembly precision is guaranteed, high precision and small gap backlash can
be obtained; (4) High transmission efficiency; (5) The volume when transmitting the same torque and power is small (or the bearing capacity per unit volume is large), the NMRV reducer
uses three planetary gears for the first stage, especially the second stage, the cycloidal pin wheel is hard. The multi-tooth engagement of the
tooth surface, which in turn determines that it can transmit large torque with a small volume, and in the structural design, the transmission
mechanism is placed in the supporting main bearing of the planet carrier, so that the axial dimension is greatly reduced. All of the above
factors greatly reduce the total volume of the drive.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
NMRV gearbox is used for robot joints with large torque, large robots with loads of tens to hundreds of kilograms, and NMRV for one or two axes. NMRV
cycloidal reducer, also known as NMRV cycloidal reducer, has output flange, support flange, pin gear housing, cycloidal gear, crankshaft, planetary
gear, pin gear, input gear (optional), main bearing , Tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings with cages, oil seals and other components.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
NMRV cycloid reducer technical requirements:
1, appearance quality, logo: the appearance of the reducer should be neat and beautiful, the logo is clear and correct. 2. The outer dimensions and installation dimensions of the reducer should meet the drawing requirements of the drawings or customers and
be confirmed by the customer. 3, input gear shaft, mounting flange, etc. can be produced according to customer requirements, relevant drawings before production should
be confirmed by customers 4. Idling experiment: The reducer runs at no load for 10 min under the input speed ≦3000r/min. The speed reducer should run smoothly and
normally without abnormal or impact noise. The noise value should be less than 70DB(A). 5, speed ratio experiment: the speed ratio of the reducer should meet the calibration value. 6, torque; the reducer continuously runs for more than 2 hours under the rated output torque condition, the reducer can run normally without
abnormal sound. 7. The reducer works continuously under the working environment temperature and rated load. The temperature rise of the reducer case
should be less than 45 °C, and the bearing temperature should be less than 95 °C.

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
The reducer soft wheel is damaged; Running with load for about 2 months, no impact; The grease is sufficient and basically no abnormality; There is another identical machine next to it that runs for 2 months without any abnormality; The teeth of the soft wheel and the steel wheel are observed without abnormalities.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

The input form of NMRV reducer is divided into: hole input, shaft input, extended worm shaft type;

The NMRV reducer output type is divided into: hole output, one-way axis output, and bidirectional axis output.

Type Worm Gear Speed Reducer Gearbox
Model NMRV30-150
Ratio 5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Color Blue / Silver or OEM colors
Material Housing-Casting iron-HT200# / Aluminium
Worm Gear KK alloy
Worm 20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching, surface hardness is 58-62HRC
Shaft chromium steel-45#
Packing Paper Carton,Plywood box / per set(With foam board inside)
Bearing Brand "HRE","C&U" Bearing
Seal NAK or SKF
Input Power 0.06-15KW
Usages In industrial machine: Food stuff,Ceramics,chemical, aswell as packing, printing,  dyeing,woodworking, glass and plastics..
IEC Flange 56B5,63B5,80B5,90B5,100B5,112B5,132B5....
Lubricant BODA Synthetic oil(RV030-90),G-N460W Mineral oil(RV110-150)

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

The speed ratio center distance

Center distance values: 25, 30, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 130, 150.

In order to obtain a larger number ratio, two or more speed reducers can be combined to multiply the digital ratio.

The ratio of the two-stage reducer: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 750,

900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600, 4000, 5000

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

Applications (widely used in) :

Ceramic Industry
Glass Industry
Food Industry
Metallurgy Industry
Beer& Drink Industry
Printing and dyeing Industry
Textile Industry
Warehouse Logoistics Industry
Wood working Machinery
environmental protection equipment Industry
Leather Industry
Pharmacy Industry
Building Material Industry

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

Product features

NMRV worm gear design online is designed and manufactured according to Q/MDl-2.000 technical quality standard.

Material for NMRV gearbox:
Worm: inner is nodular cast iron, outside is #94 bronze
Wheel: 20Crmoti steel (Carburizing)
Output shaft: #45 steel raw materal
Bearing: UBC brand
Housing: aluminum with oven painting for NMRV030-090, cast iron for NMRV110 and 130
Oil seal: NAK brand
Color: silver and blue

 nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030


The product conforms to the national standard GBl0085-88 cylindrical worm gear parameters, absorbs the most advanced technology at home and abroad, and has a unique "square box" shape structure. The box has beautiful appearance and is die-casted with high quality aluminum alloy. Worm gear design online With the following advantages:

  1. The mechanical structure is compact, the volume and shape are light, small and efficient;
  2. Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation;

3, easy to install, flexible and light, superior performance, easy maintenance and repair;

4, stable operation, low noise, durable;

  1. Applicability, safety and reliability.

 nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

At present, it has been widely used in various industries to produce mechanical speed reduction devices. Worm gear design online is highly praised by users. It is the best choice for modern industrial equipment to achieve high torque, high speed ratio, low noise and high stability mechanical reduction transmission control device.

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

NMRV worm gear reducers, also known as NMRV reducers, are from Italy, and before 2014, users were used all over the world. However, with
the rise of automation equipment, the precision and wear resistance of the reducer are very high. The precision and wear resistance of the
NMRV worm reducer are beyond control. However, NMRV worm gear reducers are still very popular on many mechanical devices, so there
are still many fans for their small size and multi-directional installation optimization.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
Before using, be sure to check if your equipment is really suitable for NMRV worm gear reducer and listen to the opinions of the reducer
engineers. Because many equipment manufacturers use NMRV worm gears to reduce the wear and tear, not the gearbox is not good, but the
equipment is not suitable for NMRV reducer.
The NMRV worm gear reducer is a soft tooth surface design. If there is wear, the double curved
reducer can be selected. The double curved reducer and the NMRV reducer have the same installation style, but the wearable gear + worm
gear is selected. The wear resistance of the hyperboloid reducer is 50% higher than that of the NMRV worm reducer, so please understand
the working coefficient of the equipment first, and then let the engineer select the reducer model.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
NMRV reducer for WRV-E series robots. The radial thrust ball bearing is mounted, so that it can support the external load, the torque rigidity and
the allowable torque are large, and the number of required components can be reduced, and the installation is convenient. The WRV gear's
revolution speed is slower and the vibration is reduced, which reduces the motor structure (input gear) and inertia.
Mechanical principle of NMRV reducer In 1926, the German Lorenz Brown proposed a planetary gear mechanism with a small tooth difference. It uses an external cycloid as the
profile curve. This is the earliest pinion planetary transmission, due to the two meshing. One of the gears is in the form of a pin wheel, which
is also called a cycloidal pinion planetary gear transmission.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
NMRV transmission is a brand-new transmission method. It is developed on the basis of the traditional oscillating planetary transmission. It not
only overcomes the shortcomings of the general swaying transmission, but also has a small size, light weight, large transmission ratio range
and long service life. A series of advantages such as stable accuracy, high efficiency and smooth transmission.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
If the fixed housing rotates the spur gear, the NMRV gear also performs eccentric motion due to the eccentric motion of the crank shaft. At this
time, if the crankshaft rotates one revolution, the NMRV gear will rotate one tooth in the opposite direction to the crankshaft. This rotation is
output to the shaft of the second reduction unit. When the shaft is fixed, the casing side becomes the output side.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
The large integrated angular bearing used in the reducer allows the turntable and headstock/tailstock to be mounted directly on the output
flange of a balanced or unbalanced component. The RD-C hollow shaft reducer has a hollow hole up to 5" for easy cable penetration and
direct mounting.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
By introducing a new ultra-light and high-impact yaw drive, we can adjust and adapt to the wind direction of altitude and yaw control. NMRV and
RD reducers meet the positioning accuracy, stiffness and external load support required for imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, and X-ray.
Our compact design of the 5X rated torque emergency braking capacity of the gearbox meets or exceeds the safety standards of the current
pharmaceutical industry. Our hollow shaft C-type reducer further enhances the space-saving capability of the product design. The automatic
tool magazine uses the EV speed reducer NMRV and AR series servo actuators for efficient automatic tool change. It can handle automatic
exchange of up to 150 kinds of 50 degree tapered tools.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
Robotics Since 1985, the Japanese Teijin reducer has more than three million performances in the robot manufacturing industry and is the
industry standard for modern industrial robot joint applications. The new hollow shaft and high rigidity and high torque fully meet the needs
of market applications. The orientation and elevation of the antenna system can be accurately controlled by the Teijin reducer/servo actuator
combination. The antenna can be adjusted up to 50 feet. The high-precision and high-rigid Teijin NMRV reducer is the main choice for the
welding positioner main bearing/tailstock, turntable drive and as an additional axis for robot integration. The payload reaches 20,000 pounds.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
● Fast and precise positioning without residual vibration

● New safety standards to meet emergency braking requirements
● Short delivery time and easy installation
● Fast and precise positioning without residual vibratio
● New safety standards to meet emergency braking requirements
● Short delivery time and easy installation
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030
Taiwan machine reducer specializes in the production of WP series worm gear reducer, referred to as: WPE worm gear reducer, WPE double
stage worm gear reducer, WPE worm gear reducer, worm gear reducer with clutch brake and non-standard worm gear reducer (worm gear)
Customized service for the reducer). WPE two-stage worm gear reducer is used in: metallurgy, printing, industrial, packaging, crane machinery
and so on.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030      The double-stage reducer has an intermediate transition gear. The left side of the active gear is meshed with the bevel portion of the
intermediate gear. The bevel gear has a small-diameter spur gear coaxially, and the spur gear meshes with the driven gear. Thus, the intermediate
gear rotates backward and the driven gear rotates forward. Now the two-stage reducer is mainly used for the construction machinery of
low-speed high-torque reducer. The number of gears of the two-stage reduction drive is different, and it can be divided into single-stage final
drive and double-stage final drive. Some medium and heavy-duty vehicles that require large transmission ratios use a two-stage final drive.      The main purpose is to provide greater half-shaft torque at the same drive shaft speed, which is to enhance the effect of deceleration and
torque increase. Heavy-duty vehicles should be used.
nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

motovario nmrv Working conditions

  1. The transmission is stable, the vibration, impact and noise are small, the reduction ratio is large, the versatility is wide, and it can be used with various mechanical equipments.
  2. Worm gear design onlinecan obtain a large transmission ratio with single-stage transmission, and has a compact structure. Most models have better self-locking performance, and can save braking devices for mechanical equipment with braking requirements.
  3. The meshing friction loss of the worm screw tooth and the worm gear tooth surface is large, so the transmission efficiency is lower than the gear, easy to heat and high temperature.
  4. Higher requirements for lubrication and cooling.

motovario nmrv

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

5, good interoperability, worm gears are manufactured according to national standards, bearings, oil seals, etc. are used standard parts.

6, the box type has a basic type (the box is a vertical or horizontal structure with a footboard) and a universal type (the box is a rectangular parallelepiped, with multiple fixed holes, no bottom plate or another bottom) Various types of structure such as foot board)

nmrv040 nmrv050 nmrv030

  1. There are two basic types of input shaft connection (single input shaft and double input shaft) and two types of motor flanges.
  2. The output and input shafts have the input shaft at the bottom and the top; the output shaft is up and down; the input shaft is up and down.
  3. Two or three reducers can be used to form a multi-stage reducer to obtain a great gear ratio
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