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ZQ Parallel Shaft Reduction Gearbox For Sand Screen Machine





The sand screen machine, also known as the dry land sieve sand ship, sand and gravel separator, is a sand and stone separation equipment suitable for rivers, reservoirs and coal yards. It consists of a hull, a shelf, a ZD series primary ball mill gearbox, a conveyor belt, a screen, an engine or a high proctection class ac electric motor. This model is simple in structure, economical and easy to operate. It is divided into a drum type sand screen machine, a water washing drum type sand screen machine, a vibrating screen type sand screen machine and the like.

The sand screening machine is modeled on the working principle of manual use of inclined screen mesh sand. It is driven by xb series planetary reduction gearbox  and YL711-2 0.37KW yl dual capacitor single phase motor. It adopts flat rolling sieve cylinder and ensures that the flow can be continuously rolled five times between spiral blades in multiple circles in the sieve cylinder. The above, so that the sand material is repeatedly rolled and slid and fully dispersed and separated; different from the oblique rolling screen, the size materials are pushed and buried, and the screening process is in a hurry; also different from the size of the inclined vibrating screen. Mixing.

Working principle:

The whole equipment consists of raw material storage hopper, raw material feeding belt conveyor, flat screen mesh, finished sand pile material belt, abandoned stone discharge trough, etc. After the equipment with ZQ parallel shaft reduction gearbox is energized, the loader will load the raw materials into the large-capacity storage hopper. The feeding belt is put into the flat sieve cylinder, and the rotating sieve cylinder drives the raw material to form the artificial sieve effect of the raw material sliding on the screen surface under the pushing and tumbling of the blades in the cylinder, and the sieved finished sand falls through the collecting hopper. On the finished sand belt, it is lifted down by the belt to form a finished material pile or directly into the storage hopper. The whole process is continuous and the material classification is clear and accurate.

Characteristic Parameters:

Productivity: Generally at 50-150 tons / hour, depending on the size of the mesh, the mesh is large and the productivity is high.

The total equipment power: refers to the sum of the power of the raw material belt, the finished belt and the rotating YX3 high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor.

Finished product stack height: This height is related to the finished product pile volume, the transportation vehicle height, and the storage hopper height.

Storage hopper capacity: The larger the capacity, the less the loading frequency of the loader, which ensures that the forklift takes care of the mixing station.

Conveying distance: depending on the length of the conveyor belt.

Other parameters: Feeder width, external dimensions, etc.

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