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AC gear motor

Type of AC gear motors

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What is an AC gear motor?

An AC gear motor is a motor that is coupled with a gearbox or transmission drive to make torques totally enclosed for continuous duty, general purpose applications. . AC gear motors could be designed to handle a variety of loads at a fairly consistent speed which is For applications requiring high levels of output torque. There are two types of AC gear motors for three phase and single phase. Three phase is for many industry using and The other one is for home application mostly.

How to Select a AC gear Motor?

From the spped, you can choose AC gear motor low rpm, AC gear motor 12rpm, or AC gear motor 30rpm etc. From the application way, you can find a gear motor with brake, ac gear motor with speed control or Inverter Duty AC Gearmotor. From the gears type, there are helcial, worms, bevel etc. If your place is too small to use the AC gear motors, then find a Compact AC Geared Motor which is even be customized.

What kind of services can Sogears supply?

Sogears is a professional ac gear motor manufacture from China and our engineering team is designed plenty of AC GEAR MOTOR & GEAR HEAD to lot of foreign customers. with our progressive techniquesOur AC geared motors achieve torques of up to 820,000 lb-in and speed ratios of up to 13,540:1 that meets most of the industry demands. The most important is that not only a great quality, but a lower AC gear motor price.

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AC gear motor low rpm
AC gear motor low rpm
ac gear motor with speed control
ac gear motor with speed control
Contact AC gear motor price
Contact AC gear motor price
AC gear motor 30 rpm
AC gear motor 30 rpm
3 phase ac gear motor
3 phase ac gear motor
AC gear motor 100 rpm
AC gear motor 100 rpm

Why Choose Sogears?

We are famous professional manufacturer of AC gear motors and we Provide all kinds of gear motors for various industrial applications with feature superior efficiency.

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AC gear motor low rpm

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AC gear motor price

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