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We supplying Gear & shaft parameters and material properties.

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We provide high quality, low price gearbox spare parts such as gears and shafts.

All kind of industrial gearbox spare parts gears and shafts including of Worm gear is one type of gear device. Bevel Gears are used in applications. Spur gears are the most easily visualized common gears.Premium arborist supplies and tree climbing gear. Helical gears are one type of cylindrical gears with slanted tooth trace. Gearbox Shafts are sun shaft, planetary shaft, hollow shaft, plus low and high speed shaft. custom shafts based on your design and application requirements.

Drive shaft

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A gear shaft with the gearing profiles

The shaft is smooth and rust-free; the quality is good and the model is full; the wear-resistant life of the gear shaft is long.A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut teeth. Its clever direct-drive gearbox and arrangement of motors.A gearmotor is an all-in-one combination of an electric motor and a gearbox. A pinion is a round gear. Gears operate in pairs to transmit and modify rotary motion and torque is very big to transmission. Sogears offers a full range of gear solutions for users worldwide. We are the leader in the development and production of all gears, including gear and powertrain design software, gears tooled machine, metering systems, automation solutions, related equipment and plastic gears.

Spare parts for gearboxes

We serve all kinds of gear markets, from high-precision gears for power tools and medical applications, to automotive and truck drives, to large gears for wind turbines and mining machinery.

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We are specialists dedicated to the production of high precision gear technology products.

Sogears sustainable business model has involved every member of Sogears global presence. We take the most effective approach to reducing losses and efficient energy use including sustainable product design and processes. We process all the work and production, we control them and continue to improve their effectiveness. All major global facilities are ISO certified. For planetary gearing is a gear system consisting of one or more outer. Fifth Gear is a British motoring television magazine series.We supply a comprehensive range of high-quality lifting equipment to suit all needs.Definition of Pinion Gear. With a series of good machine tools such as German Liebherr machine tools, German EMAG machine tools, Japan Mitsubishi machine tools, Japan Mori machine tools, and Japan Longze machine tools.


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