Torque motor

Torque Motor

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Direct Drive Torque Motors

Direct Drive Torque Motor

Direct Drive Torque Motor

Torque motors are frameless kit motors consisting of a permanent-magnet rotor and laminated stator. Your actuall supposed to torque your wheel nuts on a Tesla Model S.

Torque motor

High torque dc motor

Torque motors have benefitted greatly from the knowledge gained making linear motors.Torque motors are a special class of brushless permanent-magnet synchronous motors. 

Torque motor

Three Phase TEFC Torque Motors

A torque motor is an EC motor, or in other words a brushless AC motor. In particular, there are two type of direct drive torque motors. Three Phase TEFC Constant Torque Two Speed Motors.

Torque motor

High power density brushless motors

High power density brushless motors, High performance frameless slotless brushless BLDC electric motors & generators with unprecedented power & torque density, smoothness & efficiency.

Extra High Torque Commercial and Industrial Motor at Best Price in China

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We provide high quality, low price products. A torque motor is a specialized form of electric motor which can operate indefinitely. Years of motor manufacturing experience are just to give you a high quality and durable motor. If you have any questions you can also contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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