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Catalogue Of Geared Motors

Find catalogue of helical gear motors inline shaft type

R series motor and gearbox calculations pdf
This is guide to gearbox and motor selection for those not fully familiar with the selections. the big gearboxes and motors are cast iron made, aluminium all the others.
For electrical and mechanical design in Single & double reduction
IEC-normalized motors with brake, VFD etc.

Find catalogue of helical worm gearmotor s series

S series helical-worm gear units
Series right angle, worm gear motor can be installed easily in the tightest applications. Motor power from 0.04 HP to 157.37 HP. with helical/helical-worm combinations, so they are more efficient than normal helical-worm gear units.
Gear units in combination with the required motors
Here Assembly and Operating Instructions

Find catalogue of helical bevel geared motors

Helical bevel geared motors have high load carrying capacities
This is a type of right angle helical bevel geared motor which is same dimension to sew helical bevel geared motor in its catalogue, from the gearing type geared motoring.
Helical bevel gear motors ensure the highest efficiency especially
Helical-bevel gear units provide a high degree of efficiency of over 90%

Find catalogue of parallel shaft geared motors

Find your parallel-shaft gear-motor easily
Geared motors from Nord Drivesystems are ideal for use in intralogistics as well as for bulk material conveyors and in the food industry. It offers a wide selection of Parallel Shaft Geared Motors.
Parallel shaft mounted geared motors manufactured by Power Build
Parallel and right angle shaft gear reducers catalog

Find catalogue of cycloidal gear reducers

The Driving Principle of Planet cycloidal pin gear reducer
Cycloid Drive unique cycloid gear design has advantages superior to speed reducers using common involute tooth gears. Drive are capable of withstanding intermittent shock load up to 500% of its catalog torque rating.
One of the most professional cycloidal gear reducer manufacturers
Cycloidal speed reducers provide the highest precision available offering

Find catalogue of NMRV worm gear reducer

Worm gear reducers and Worm geared motors
Combined Worm Gear Reducer NMRV and NMRVpower worm gear reducers currently represent the most advanced solution to market requirements in terms of efficiency and flexibility.
NMRV and NMRVpower worm gear reducers
Motovario NMRV and NMRV POWER worm gear reducers

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