Direct current motors

DC Motor

Types of DC Motors And Their Applications

Types of DC Motor

A DC motor has a lot of applications in today’s field of engineering and technology. From electric shavers to automobiles – DC motors are everywhere. To cater to this wide range of applications – different types of DC motors are used depending on the applicaition.
DC Motor

Series Excited DC Motor

In case of a series wound self excited DC motor or simply series wound DC motor, the entire armature current flows through the field winding as its connected in series to the armature winding. Single-phase series excitation motor is a motor that has been widely used. Its advantages are due to its high speed, large starting torque, small size, light weight, easy to block, and a wide range of applicable voltages. Method to adjust the speed, simple and easy to implement. In a series wound DC motor, the speed varies with load.

Compound Excitation DC Motor

The compound excitation characteristic in a DC motor can be obtained by combining the operational characteristic of both the shunt and series excited DC motor. The excitation of compound wound DC motor can be of two types depending on the nature of compounding, Cumulative compound DC motor and differential compound DC motor. Compound-excited DC motors have strong applicability and are often used in ships, trolleybuses, and lifting mining equipment.
DC Motor
DC Motor

The Separately Excited DC Motor

The separately excited motor belongs to the DC motor, which means that the excitation coil and armature winding of the motor are separate motors, and the excitation current is provided separately, regardless of the armature current. The excitation winding and armature winding of the separately excited motor are respectively powered by two power sources. The separate excitation power source of the separately excited motor makes the equipment more complicated. However, this motor has a wide range of transportation and is mostly used in the main engine towing.

Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Permanent magnet DC motors can be divided into permanent magnet brushless DC motors and permanent magnet brushed DC motors with or without brushes. Permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in various portable electronic devices or appliances, such as recorders, VCD players, record players, electric massagers, and various toys, and are also widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, hand dryers, electric bicycles, and batteries The automotive, marine, aviation, machinery and other industries are also widely used in some high-end sophisticated products, such as video recorders, copiers, cameras, mobile phones, precision machine tools, bank money counters, and banknote bundling machines.
DC Motor

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DC Motor
DC Motor
DC Motor

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DC Motor
DC Motor
DC Motor

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