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A wide variety of clutch brake motor, Electric Brake Motor at Best Price in China. Brake Motor Suppliers and Manufacturer, Commercial and Industrial Usage.

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We Provide High Quality, Low Price Industrial Brake Motors.

Years of brake motor manufacturing experience are just to give you a high quality and durable motor. 1 hp brake motor price, 2 hp brake motor, A brake motor is a combined brake and motor package, usually bolted together through mating C-face flanges. Electric motor brakes are used to decelerate or hold motor loads when the power is cut intentionally or accidentally. brake motor suppliers, 5hp brake motor.

Series consists of three phase, asynchronous brake motors General Purpose Industrial totally enclosed 3 hp brake motor. Electromagnetic Brake Motors open drip proof, or explosion proof designs.

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Brake Motor

Wide range of electri motors: single, three phase, brake motors with high braking moment and high operation speed. with a variety of options and mounting configurations.

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Brake Motor

YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor, designed according to IEC standard, AC Brake Motors with Industrial Lift Motor Brake. 3 Phase Induction motors, Brake motors, Speed Variable motor. Find here information of Electromagnetic Brake Motor.



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The electromagnetic disc brake is powered, either DC or three phase AC current.Frequently, servo motors are returned where the brakes are worn.Power-Off Operation Inertia Dynamics AC-style, spring applied motor brakes are designed to decelerate or park inertial loads when the voltage is turned off. Rear Caliper Parking Brake Servo 3C0998281. They are available in 6 & 12 spline (Grove) shafts.Brake rotor pad are a common component in the motor vehicle of today. 

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