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SEW encoder series list:

SEW encoder AG7W

SEW encoder AG7Y

SEW encoder AKIH

SEW encoder AKOH

SEW encoder AS3H

SEW encoder AS4H

SEW encoder AS7W

SEW encoder AS7Y

SEW encoder ASIH

SEW encoder AV7W

SEW encoder AV7Y

SEW encoder AVIH

SEW encoder AVEY

SEW encoder AVEY

SEW encoder BMG8

SEW encoder DEH11B

SEW encoder DER11B

SEW encoder DFV132M4

SEW encoder E171

SEW encoder E172

SEW encoder E176

SEW encoder E17C

SEW encoder EG7C

SEW encoder EG7R

SEW encoder EG7S

SEW encoder EKIH

SEW encoder EKOH

SEW encoder ES12

SEW encoder ES16

SEW encoder ES1C

SEW encoder ES22

SEW encoder ES26

SEW encoder ES2C

SEW encoder ES2R

SEW encoder ES2S

SEW encoder ES2T

SEW encoder ES7C

SEW encoder ES7R

SEW encoder ES7S

SEW encoder ESIC

SEW encoder ESHI

SEW encoder ESIR

SEW encoder ESIS

SEW encoder ESIT

SEW encoder EV1A

SEW encoder EV2T*

SEW encoder EV7C

SEW encoder EV7R

SEW encoder EV7S

SEW encoder EVIC

SEW encoder EVIR

SEW encoder EVIS

SEW encoder EVIT

SEW encoder NV12

SEW encoder NV16

SEW encoder NV21

SEW encoder NV22

SEW encoder NV26

SEW encoder NVII

SEW encoder RH4L

SEW encoder RH4M

SEW encoder RH5L

SEW encoder RH5M

SEW encoder RH6L

SEW encoder RHEM

What is the meaning of SEW encoder?

The SEW encoder from external receiving devices (e.g., servo controller, PLC), the incremental value refers to A kind of relative location information of change, change from point A to point B signal of increase and decrease of calculation, also known as the "relative value", it requires continuous follow-up equipment count, because each time the data is not independent, but relies on the front of reading, on the previous data with power and interference produced by the error could not judge, causing the cumulative error; And "working mode" refers to the equipment after the initialization, determine a origin, after all the location information is and the location of the "origin", it does not need follow-up equipments continuously count, but directly read value, the current position for error caused power outages and interference, since each reading are independent is not affected by the previous, so as to not cause error accumulated, known as the "type" of the reception facilities, work mode.

For the SEW encoder within the definition of "value", refers to the inside of the encoder all location value, after the encoder production factory, all position is within range of the "" to determine within the encoder, after the initial origin, each location independence and * resistance, its internal and external data refresh every time reading, don't rely on the previous data read, whether it is inside the encoder or encoder outside, there should be no" count "and the previous reading of accumulative calculation, because the data is not" independent "" *" "within the range of all position had been established in advance". It doesn't fit the meaning of the word "".

Therefore, the definition of a true SEW encoder refers to the pre-corresponding position with the origin position of all positions in the range, independent of the accumulation of internal and external counts and the coding of *. On the concept of "type" encoder "intentional confusion" and understanding of the misunderstanding

About the SEW encoder, a lot of people know or stay on the position of the "blackout" save this concept, this is partial and limited, "value" encoder is not only the problem of power outage, for receiving equipment, the real meaning of "value" is the data refresh and read in the encoder with both internal and external, the independence of the every position, *, "code" does not depend on the previous readings, or ambiguous definition of the "market, so some businesses will be for the concept of" obfuscation ":

Obfuscation 1: the "mode" of the receiving device is confused with the "mode" of the value encoder. Receiving device of the "type" refers to receiving device without accumulation, uninterrupted count all locations for the origin of the equipment "" work mode, in fact this model by incremental encoder + progressive counting device + battery memory itself, as can be provided to the location of equipment" type ", it and the value of the encoder "code" is not a concept, it exists the counting error and the possibility of accumulative error count, counting device power supply failure probability and high speed can't response, etc.

Confusion two: the confusion between the SEW encoder + internal and external counting accumulator and the true value true multi-turn encoder


An encoder is a device that encodes a signal (such as a bit stream) or data into a form that can be used for communication, transmission, and storage. The encoder converts the angular displacement or the linear displacement into an electrical signal, the former into a code plate, and the latter into a yardstick.

German SEW encoder photoelectric encoder is a kind of SEW sensor which converts the mechanical geometric displacement on the output shaft into pulse or digital quantity by photoelectric conversion. The German SEW encoder utility model discloses an encoder wiring detection device for the German SEW encoder ac servo motor, which is installed between the encoder and the controller of the ac servo motor.

The working principle of SEW optical encoder in Germany

 SEW encoder photoelectric encoder is a kind of SEW sensor which converts the mechanical geometric displacement on the output shaft into pulse or digital quantity by photoelectric conversion. German SEW encoder this is currently the most widely used sensor, German SEW encoder photoelectric encoder is composed of raster disc and photoelectric detection device. Grating disk is in a certain diameter of the circular plate to open a number of equal rectangular holes. The reason is that the optical code disk is coaxial with the electrical signal. When the electrical signal rotates, the grating disk of the German SEW encoder rotates with the electrical signal at the same speed. By calculating the number of output pulses per second the photoelectric encoder can reflect the current electrical speed. In addition, in order to determine the rotation direction of the German SEW encoder, the German SEW encoder code plate can also provide two pulse signals with a phase difference of 90o.


To provide clients with perfect series products of high quality low price of the SEW: Germany, Germany the SEW the SEW reducer, Germany the SEW motor frequency converter three series and the corresponding accessories optional parts: the SEW encoder, the SEW brake, the SEW brake coil, the SEW pads, the SEW rectifier pieces, the SEW braking resistor, the SEW communication module, the SEW DER11B encoder card, the SEW DFP21B bus card, the SEW encoder communication lines, the SEW UWS11A type converter, the SEW communication cable USB11A etc. All the SEW series products.

SEW encoder wiring method

During the use of SEW encoder, if the encoder is not wired according to the specification, it is easy to cause the failure of the SEW encoder in the work. Abnormal work of the SEW encoder will affect the accuracy of measurement, and also lead to production decline and other problems. Therefore, the way and method should be paid attention to when wiring the SEW encoder.

When wiring the SEW encoder, understand that the SEW encoder has five leads, three of which are pulse output lines. The power supply of the SEW encoder can choose the method of external connection or directly connect with the power supply of PLC. The specific power connection method should be selected in combination with the actual work needs. Whether it is wiring the SEW encoder or installing the encoder, avoid hitting and colliding the encoder during these operations, as this can easily cause damage to the shafting and code plate. In addition, when wiring to ensure the installation shaft processing density.

When installing top wire stud, be sure to have three symmetrical distribution of top wire stud to ensure axial displacement and radial run-out. The Angle deviation can also be within the permissible range of the SEW encoder. When performing these installations, attention should be paid to the use of tools, and the operator should use moderate force when fixing the installation to ensure a stable and reliable installation of the SEW encoder.

When wiring the SEW encoder, it is necessary to first distinguish the color of the SEW encoder wiring, and then make the wiring according to the needs of the field equipment. Because there are certain differences in the wiring method of the equipment, the staff need to have professional knowledge to conduct the wiring work. It is important to note that the control line must use a shielded cable, preferably connected to the electronic ground end of the device.

In the wiring work of SEW encoder, it should be noted that the wiring should be isolated from the transmission equipment as electrical appliances, and the high-noise cable should be laid separately, so as to ensure the accuracy of the supply voltage. In order to provide stable and efficient working efficiency for the encoder after the installation of SEW encoder, it is necessary to wire the encoder according to the working specification.

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The motor turns once and the alarm starts

1. Firstly, it is believed that the encoder is eccentric. The encoder and the motor tail are hardwired

2. Check the encoder wire and find four core-pulling wires. Change line, run after a while, have same problem

The root cause has not been found up to now

4. The encoder is suspected to be broken, but there is no spare part in hand, so it cannot be replaced

Let me ask you a few questions

1. If anyone knows how to deal with this fault, best

2. According to my encoder knowledge, the wiring is divided into three phases: A.B.Z, Z is zero phase, and the phase difference of A.B is 90°. But this encoder is A.B.C. in this encoder, C=Z?

3. How to check whether the encoder is good or not? There is no spare part in hand.

How to replace the SEW coder

If the SEW servo motor USES the SICK STEGMANN servo feedback absolute value encoder, it is more troublesome. This kind of encoder can be programmed. If the hick encoder is broken and needs to be replaced with a new encoder, it is better to find a professional to repair it to reduce the loss and repair it quickly. Changing a new encoder generally requires programming and zero debugging. Read out the program of the bad encoder first, then copy the original program to the new encoder by programming software, then install, and finally zero debugging. If you directly change the new encoder to the servo motor, the servo driver will appear "unable to communicate" or "data error" "encoder failure" such as the alarm. The motor doesn't work properly (unless there is no setup program in the encoder)

The pulse signal driven by the servo motor is sent by the upper computer (PLC. Control card), by the upper computer to control the servo motion. Encoder is a feedback unit, used to check how many performed pulse, this is the place of the servo is superior to the stepper motor, for example, an encoder 2500 points on a circle, the equivalent of one revolution of the motor encoder will signal 2500 to drive or PC, PC will know whether the number of pulses, which I sent have been performed. This will greatly improve the positioning accuracy, known as the semi-closed loop structure, if you want to be more accurate will add a grating ruler to make a full closed loop structure.


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