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The characteristics of gear reducer

There are many kinds of reducer, including worm gear reducer, planetary reducer, cycloid reducer, etc., its characteristics are also different.
Worm gear reducer is characterized by a reverse self-locking function, you can have a larger reduction ratio, the input shaft and output shaft is not on the same axis, nor in the same plane. But the general volume is larger, the transmission efficiency is not high, the accuracy is not high. Harmonic gearbox harmonic transmission is the use of flexible components to control the elastic deformation to transfer movement and power, the volume is not high, high precision, but the drawback is the limited life of the flexible wheel, impatience impact, rigidity and metal parts compared difference. The input speed can not be too high.
Planetary  gear reducer has the advantage of relatively compact structure, small return gap, high precision, long life, the rated output torque can be done very large. But the price is slightly expensive.
Gear reducer has a small size, transmission torque characteristics. Gear reducer in the modular system based on the design and manufacture, there are a lot of motor combinations, installation and structure of the program, the transmission ratio grading, to meet the different conditions of use, to achieve mechanical and electrical integration. Gear reducer transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, superior performance.
Cycloid gear  reducer is a kind of transmission mechanism with cycloidal needle meshing planetary transmission principle. It is an ideal transmission device with many advantages, wide range of applications and positive and negative operation.
Worm gear reducer

Cycloidal speed reducer


1, Q:what’s your MOQ for each series gearbox ?

A: 1unit is ok for different types gearbox motor

2, Q: What about your warranty for your gear reducer with motor ?

A: one year ,but except man-made destroyed

3, Q: do you accept OEM with cusotmer-logo?

A: yes, we have about 15years OEM experience, now we focus on our own brand.

4, Q: how about your payment terms ?

A: TT, western union ,paypal. 100%payment in advanced less $5000 ,30% as deposit, balance beofre delivery if order value over $5000.

5, Q: how about your packing ?

A: plywood case ,if you need more, we can pack all goods with pallet

6, Q: What information should be given, if I buy gearbox from you ?

A: rated power, Gearbox ratio, input speed,Mounting position,More details, better


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