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ABB Enclosure Model

Energy distribution for residential, commercial and industrial applications
ABB's enclosures offer a first-class quality assortment of enclosures and accessories wherever electrical energy needs to be distributed, metered and controlled from the main distribution boards via the sub distribution boards to the smallest consumer unit for final distribution. They are available in many different sizes, floor standing or wall mounting, as flush- or wall-mounting version, made of 100% recyclable thermoplastics or stainless steel. The range of enclosures can respond to various requirements of customers worldwide, including global availability as well as local market requirements. From single family houses to multiple dwellings, commercial buildings, infrastructures and industrial applications, ABB's enclosures provide simple, fast and flexible solutions complying with international standards and sectorial norms.

Through close cooperation with local partners in China, ABB has established a strong production base in power transmission and distribution, automation products and systems. Its business includes a complete series of power transformers and distribution transformers; high, medium and low voltage switches; Electric drive systems and motors; industrial robots, etc. These products have been widely used in industrial and power industries. ABB strives for superior quality, and its companies and products have become the benchmark in the industry. ABB's capabilities in engineering and project management are manifested in various fields such as metal, pulping, chemistry, automotive industry, power industry automation, and building systems.

The distribution box has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, special technical performance, fixed location, unique configuration function, not limited by site, universal application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, small footprint and environmental protection.

ABB Enclosure Model

The following is the product model and its introduction:

ACM 08 FNB, ACM 10 FNB, ACM 13 FNB, ACM 16 FNB, ACM 20 FNB, ACM 23 FNB, ACM 2×13 FNB, ACM 2×16 FNB, ACM 2×20 FNB, ACM 2×23 FNB



Terminal distribution box
A variety of distribution boxes and switch boxes for construction:

In order to ensure the safe use of daily electrical equipment, many places in Baidu will use formal distribution boxes to help people manage power and play a protective role.
There are several types of ABB distribution boxes:
1. SDB series
The design of the three-phase power distribution box complies with GB17466. Rails are installed in the horizontal structure box to configure terminal power distribution protection products, while the in-wall structure can be equipped with lifting and adjusting rails. The straight structure can be equipped with isolation switches, leakage protection Molded case circuit breakers, and other DIN rail mounting components or cable entry devices for direct cable connection.
2. ACM / ACP series
Comply with GB17466 standard, can be equipped with ABB terminal power distribution protection switch series products; box body uses 1.2mm thick aluminum-zinc steel plate, ACM is full metal box, ACP is metal box plastic box cover, has good rigidity and toughness; terminal block Detachable, freely choose the installation position to meet the requirements of up, down, up and down; with independent grounding screws, reliable grounding; Din rail can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, the cover is self-locking; wall-mounted (surface-mounted) and embedded Wall (concealed).

3. BCP series
Fashion landscape box, box adhering to the humanized design concept, the structure is sturdy and beautiful, and incorporates innovative design inspiration. Users can freely decorate pictures to make their appearance unified with the style of the room, and at the same time cooperate with ABB low-voltage terminal power distribution products and panel switches. Use, can realize a complete indoor low-voltage terminal power distribution solution, and highlight the high-end quality of life.

4. LSB / FSB series
The distribution switch box is equipped with ABB three-phase / four-phase isolating switches and knife-fuse switches, which can provide a variety of simple solutions in the power distribution system. On-site safety switch box and busbar switch box. The cover on the top and bottom of the box can be removed for easy entry. The cabinet is made of high-quality electrolytic plate, and the design is simple and practical, which can provide enough wiring space and easy to install.

ABB Enclosure Model

System pro E energy power cabinet
Suitable for application power cabinets
System pro E power cabinets incorporate the advanced technology of ABB secondary power distribution, ranging from compact switch boards for building power distribution applications to departmental power switch boards used in large factories.
Customer benefits:
Variety of wall-mounted and floor-mounted power distribution cabinets, with up to 424 sizes available
Innovative flange mounting technology, no tools required, up to 84% more free space at the cable entry
Ample wiring space on both sides and rear of the DIN rail makes complex wiring possible
Flush mount or wall mount, DIN rail can mount 54 to 168 modules
Key Features:
Protection class: Class I ground and class II double insulation
Matches CombiLine-M modular power distribution system, mounting plate, distribution cabinet or combination of the above components
DIN rail distance: 150 mm and / or 200 mm
Sheet metal door or all-glass door made of safety glass

Industrial multifunctional control box
Suitable for various industrial environments
① SPM Series Multifunctional Control Box
With IP55 and IP66 protection levels, it complies with GB / T20641, IEC62208, GB4208 standards. Mainly used in industrial fields, such as: motor control boxes, mechanical equipment control boxes, cable branch boxes, outdoor low-voltage lighting distribution boxes, communication device boxes, multi-function measuring boxes, capacitance compensation boxes, Terminal box, etc. The box adopts high-quality electrolytic plate (1.2-1.5mm thick), and the auxiliary installation base plate uses galvanized steel (2mm thickness). Applicable to various industries such as ships, solar energy, water treatment, rail transportation, metallurgy, petrochemicals, communications and traditional machinery. Can be customized for different customer needs.

ABB Enclosure Model

②Gemini Series Multifunctional Control Box
Produced by ABB SACE factory, it has set off a technological revolution in the low-voltage insulation control cabinet market. This is the first control box made of thermoplastic materials combined with injection molding technology. The outer surface is hard and the inner interlayer is fluffy. The physical characteristics can effectively ensure that the entire cabinet is exceptionally strong. In addition, unlike the polyester fiber control box mixed with glass fiber, it does not contain glass fiber, so there is no need to worry about the operation and safety of the control box due to the exposure of glass fiber over time. The Gemini multi-function control box has an IP66 degree of protection (IP30 when the door is opened after the components are installed), and has a high resistance to chemicals and climatic conditions, ensuring a good product even under harsh working conditions. performance. In power distribution and hybrid applications, the Gemini multifunction control box can be fitted with Systempro M-series analog and digital devices, Tmax molded case circuit breakers, and control and signaling devices to form a truly integrated automation system.

③Junction box
Compliant with IEC60670-1 and IEC60670-22 standards, with multiple protection levels of IP44, IP55, IP65. Push-fit, stainless steel screw and plastic screw (rotatable 90 degrees) box covers are available, IP55 and IP65 are tandem The lid of the box adopts one-time plastic compression molding and has a sealing ring. The technology has been patented. All junction boxes with cable connections can be fitted with small cable trunking using ABB's dedicated connectors. This junction box is resistant to high temperatures (650 ° C / 960 ° C) and flames, and is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, temperature and other climatic conditions.

The distribution box is a massive parameter on the data. Generally, it constitutes a low-voltage forest according to the electrical wiring. It is required to assemble switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment in closed or semi-closed metal cabinets or screens to form low-voltage power distribution. box. During normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off with the help of manual or automatic switches.
The distribution box has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, special technical performance, fixed location, unique configuration function, not limited by site, universal application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, small footprint and environmental protection.

The distribution box has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, special technical performance, fixed location, unique configuration function, not limited by site, universal application, stable and reliable operation, high space utilization, small footprint and environmental protection. It is a control center that directs the various components in the power supply line to reasonably distribute electrical energy. It is a control link that reliably accepts the upper power source and correctly feeds the load electrical energy. It is also the key to obtaining users' satisfaction with the power supply quality. Improving the operational reliability of power distribution boxes is the goal of creating high-quality projects.

The purpose of the distribution box: reasonable distribution of electrical energy to facilitate opening and closing operations on the circuit. It has a high level of safety protection and can directly show the conduction state of the circuit.

ABB Enclosure Model

Working principle:
The distribution box is a switchgear, measuring instrument, protective appliance and auxiliary equipment assembled in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or screen according to the electrical wiring requirements to form a low-voltage distribution box. During normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off with the help of manual or automatic switches. In the event of malfunction or abnormal operation, the protection circuit is used to cut off the circuit or give an alarm. Various measuring parameters can be displayed by measuring instruments, and some electrical parameters can be adjusted to indicate or signal the deviation from normal working conditions.

(1) It is easy to manage and facilitates maintenance when a circuit failure occurs.
(2) Distribution boxes and cabinets, distribution boards, and distribution screens are complete sets of equipment that are centrally installed with switches, meters, and other equipment.
(3) There are two types of commonly used distribution boxes: wooden and iron plates.
(4) The purpose of the distribution box: Of course, it is convenient for stopping and transmitting power, and it plays the role of measuring and judging the stop and transmission of power.

(1) The main power distribution box, distribution box, and switch box shall be set up in the construction power distribution system, and shall be set in stages in the order of "total-open-open", and form a "three-level power distribution" mode.
(2) The installation position of each distribution box and switch box of the power distribution system for construction shall be reasonable. The main distribution box should be as close to the transformer or external power source as possible to facilitate the introduction of power. The distribution box should be installed as far as possible in the central area where the electrical equipment or load is relatively concentrated to ensure that the three-phase load remains balanced. The installation position of the switch box should be as close as possible to the electrical equipment it controls, depending on the site conditions and working conditions.
(3). Ensure that the three-phase load balance of the temporary power distribution system is ensured. The power and lighting power at the construction site should form two power circuits, and the power distribution box and the lighting distribution box should be provided separately.

ABB Enclosure Model
(4) All electrical equipment on the construction site must have its own dedicated switch box.
(5) The cabinets and internal settings of the distribution boxes at all levels must comply with the safety regulations. The switchgear should be marked with the purpose and the cabinets should be uniformly numbered. Discontinued power distribution boxes should be cut off from power and the door of the box should be locked. The fixed distribution box shall be provided with a fence and there shall be measures to prevent rain and smash.
(6) Difference between distribution box and distribution cabinet. According to GB / T20641-2006 "General requirements for empty casings of low-voltage complete switchgear and control equipment"
The distribution box is generally used by households, and the distribution box is mostly used for centralized power supply, such as industrial power and building power. The distribution box and the distribution box are all complete sets of equipment, and the distribution box is a low-voltage complete set of equipment. , The distribution cabinet has high voltage and low voltage.

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