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ABB Variable-frequency Drive Model

Customers can use ABB's broad range of low-voltage AC drive products to increase productivity, improve energy efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.

ABB's low voltage AC drive products cover the complete range of frequency converters. From micro-drives used in mechanical manufacturing, to industrial drives used to control production lines, to industry-specific drives with special features and functions, there are many.

ABB drives can be supplied from stock or produced to order to meet more complex needs. ABB's life cycle services ensure that customers' production processes run steadily as expected year after year.

ABB inverter is a well-known inverter brand developed, produced and sold by ABB Group. It is mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. With its stable performance, rich combination functions, high-performance vector control technology, low-speed and high-torque output, good dynamic characteristics and super overload capacity, Occupies an important position in the inverter market.

The following is the classification and introduction of the inverter model:

ACS510-01-025A-4, ACS510-01-07A2-4, ACS510-01-017A-4, ACS510-01-046A-4, ACS510-01-038A-4, ACS510-01-031A-4, ACS510-01-03A3-4, ACS510-01-04A1-4, ACS510-01-09A4-4, ACS510-01-05A6-4, ACS510-01-012A-4, ACS510-01-072A-4, ACS510-01-088A-4, ACS510-01-060A-4, ACS510-01-195A-4, ACS550-01-157A-4      

ACS355-03E-05A6-4, ACS355-03E-02A4-4, ACS355-03E-03A3-4, ACS355-03E-04A1-4, ACS355-03E-07A3-4, ACS355-03E-08A8-4, ACS355-03E-01A9-4

ACS880-01-025A-3, ACS880-01-038A-3, ACS880-01-061A-3, ACS880-01-430A-3, DCS800-S02-05-0

ACS150-03E-01A9-4, ACS150-01E-02A4-2, ACS150-01E-04A7-2, ACS150-01E-06A7-2, ACS150-01E-07A5-2, ACS150-01E-09A8-2

ACS550-01-023A-4, ACS550-01-012A-4, ACS550-01-08A8-4

ACS150-03E-05A6-4, ACS150-03E-07A3-4, ACS150-03E-01A9-4, ACS150-03E-06A7-4, ACS150-01E-02A4-2, ACS150-01E-09A8-2, ACS580-01-073A-4

 ABB Variable-frequency Drive

ACS550-01-157A-4 SPEED VARIATOR 100HP480
ACS580-01-073A-4 speed variator
Cooling fan drive ABB GR28C-2DK.3I.CR
MFR Type :- GR28C-2DK.3I.CR
Cooling fan for drive 3ADT754034P0001
Type: GR28C-2DK.3I.CR.
ID fans 1,2/Kiln MDs.
Cooling fan Drive ABB GR28C-2DD.3I.CR
Cooling fan for drive 3ADT754034P0001.
Type: GR28C-2DD.3I.CR.
Bag filter cooler/New fan for ID fan1.
FAN type: W2E200-HH38-06 , 230V; Drive Code: ABB DCA0012171P0001
Cooling Fan, MFR NAME: ABB, MFR_P/N: 3ADT754018P0002, Add, info
D2E 160-AH02-15
Drive Fan 3ADT754014P0001
-MFR Type :- 4715MS-12T-B5A-D02.
Cooling fan 115 V, 50/60 Hz for drive 3ADT754014P0001.
Type: 4715MS-12T-B5A-D02.
Additive Abron Feeder.
RATING : 85-264VAC/110-330VDC,24VDC,30W
ABB PART NO: 3BHB008924R0001
Manufacturer : ABB
AF D242 A10:SCP,S/N G1128G001
IDENT NO : 3BHE023126R0010
USED AT : 21/22/23/24 CUA10

ACS 510
ACS510 is another outstanding low voltage AC drive product from ABB.
The ACS510 can be easily purchased, installed, configured, and used, saving considerable time.
Application areas:
ABB drives are used in industrial fields. ACS510 is particularly suitable for fan and water pump drives. Typical applications include constant pressure water supply, cooling fans, subway and tunnel fans, etc.
1. Perfectly matched with fan and water pump applications;
2. Advanced control panel;
3. Patented technology for reducing harmonics; variable inductance reactor;
4, soft start cycle;
5. Multi-point U / F curve;
6, transcend mode;
7, built-in RFI filter as a standard configuration, suitable for the first and second environments;
8.CE certification
Main performance:
Perfectly matched fan water pump:
Enhanced PFC application: up to 7 (1 + 6) pumps can be controlled; more pumps can be switched.
SPFC: cyclic soft start function; each pump can be adjusted in turn.
Multi-point U / F curve: 5-point U / F curve can be freely defined; it can be flexibly and widely used.
Override mode: fire mode applied to tunnel fans; used in emergency situations.
PID regulator: two independent built-in PID controllers: PID1 and PID2, PID1 can set two sets of parameters; through PID2 can control an independent external valve.
more economics:
Intuitive characteristics: Optimize noise, increase the switching frequency when the drive temperature decreases, and the controllable cooling fan can be started only when needed; the switching frequency can be randomly distributed to reduce noise, greatly improve motor noise, reduce drive noise and increase efficacy.
Flux optimization: automatically reduce the motor flux when the load is reduced; greatly reduce energy consumption and noise.
Connectivity: Simple installation, side-by-side installation, easy to connect cables, convenient connection to fieldbus system through various I / O connections and plug-in options; reduce installation time, save installation space, reliable cable connection.
More environmentally friendly:
EMC: RFI filters for the first and second environments are standard; no additional external filters are required.
Reactors: variable inductors: matching inductance based on different loads, thus suppressing and reducing harmonics; reducing total harmonics
Advanced control panel: 2 function keys, whose functions change with different states, built-in help key, and modified parameter list; easy to configure and debug, quick start, and quick access to parameters.
Fieldbus: Built-in RS485 interface, using Modbus protocol, plug-in fieldbus module as an option; reduces costs.

 ABB Variable-frequency Drive

Assistant-type control panel below 11KW comes standard with brake chopper
Sensorless vector control
Startup Wizard-guides users to set parameters without entering the parameter list
Diagnostic Wizard-Activates when a fault occurs, which helps to quickly find the fault
Maintenance Wizard-Monitor hours of operation or motor rotation


ABB Variable-frequency Drive
Applications: fans, pumps, gated, material handling, conveyors
FlashDrop-drive setting and speed adjustment is faster and easier, can be used for batch manufacturing
Fixed control panel-simple drive with comfortable, durable interface
Fixed potentiometer-intuitive speed setting
Integrated EMC filter-no external filter required
Built-in brake chopper-reduces costs, saves space and simplifies wiring
Flexible installation-optimized layout and effective cabinet space utilization
Layered circuit boards-longer life and reduced maintenance


product manual:
Speed ​​and torque control for 0.12-2.2KW squirrel cage motor
As part of the Comp-AC family, the ACS140 enriches the content of ABB's drive products. Despite its small size, it includes many of the features found in high-performance transmission products. It is very suitable for processing processes of gas, liquid and solid, typical application
Including: packaging machines, biscuit machines, washing machines, mixers, conveyors and pumps.
The ACS140 is designed for maximum reliability. Optional non-radiator type, lighter structure, OEMs can freely design heat dissipation methods. If flange-mounted, the heat generated by the module will be dissipated directly outside the cabinet. To further enhance the reliability of the transmission equipment, the number of components of the module has been minimized as much as possible.
The output frequency of the ACS140 sensitively follows changes in a given signal. The average accuracy is better than 1%, the response speed is fast, and the average delay time is less than 9 mm.
Constant product quality To ensure production quality, repeatability is one of the key factors for the success or failure of ACS140.
ACS140 is very stable in system response and control accuracy. Continuous production related to pumps and mixers requires the assembly of fairly reliable transmission equipment. The ACS140 is very reassuring. In a very demanding industrial environment, ABB can provide a special IP54 package.
In material processing and packaging lines, precise positioning is a basic requirement for control. The repeatability of ACS140 has obvious technical advantages. When changing product specifications, you only need to call one of the seven preset speeds to solve the problem easily.
ACS140's dynamic braking and tracking start function are very practical for building temperature or humidity control. Built-in PID function ensures constant temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.
The optimized design combination ACS140 has several features, such as speeding up engineering installation and design height. With the ACS140 control panel, parameters between drives can be easily copied. The configuration menu of the control panel is long or short, the structure is clear and easy to learn. A control panel is not required in most cases.
Easy to integrate
The ACS140 is one of the smallest AC drives on the market. Miniaturization and multiple installation methods. It is convenient to install it in combination with the original equipment without any difficulty. ACS140 can adapt to any kind of control logic. Digital and analog input circuits are galvanically isolated; safe and economical.
ACS100 series inverter
Small size, light weight, easy installation and use, suitable for speed control of 0.12-2.2KW ordinary squirrel cage motor
Convenient installation methods: DIN rail mounting, flange mounting, wall mounting
The speed regulation performance is stable, the overload capacity is strong, and the low speed torque is large. Additional input filters can reduce pollution to the grid.


ABB Variable-frequency Drive

ACS 2000
Air-cooled ACS 2000 inverters are designed for fans, pumps, compressors, and other public applications in the cement, mining and mining, metallurgy, pulp and paper, water, power, and chemical, oil and gas industries.
The ACS 2000 inverter incorporates innovative technologies to meet industry challenges, such as the need for flexible power supply connections, lower harmonics, reduced energy consumption, static reactive power compensation, and ease of installation and commissioning.
Flexible power supply connection
The ACS 2000 frequency converter can be used without an input isolation transformer, depending on the user's choice and the condition of the existing equipment. Therefore, it allows direct connection to the power supply (direct grid connection) or it can be connected to an input isolation transformer.
In the direct grid connection configuration, users can benefit from lower investment costs, because no transformer is needed, which can save a lot of investment. Compared with other inverters that require a transformer, the ACS 2000 inverter has a compact structure, lighter weight, lower transportation costs, and requires less space in the electrical room. Derived from the compact design, the ACS 2000, which is directly connected to the 6.0-6.9 kV grid, is suitable for retrofitting standard induction motors for speed control.
In applications that require voltage matching or galvanic isolation of the power supply, an input transformer is needed. The ACS 2000 drive can be connected to a conventional dual-winding oil-immersed or dry input isolation transformer.
Lower harmonics
Integrated active front-end (AFE) technology minimizes grid-side harmonics without the use of expensive, dedicated transformers, with the added benefit of four-quadrant operation and reactive power compensation
AFE provides the characteristics of low harmonics to meet the current and voltage harmonic requirements in various standards. This eliminates the need for harmonic analysis or grid-side filters.
Reduce energy consumption
To minimize energy consumption, AFE allows four-quadrant operation, which feeds braking energy back to the grid.
Reactive power compensation
AFE can also provide reactive power compensation. With static reactive power compensation, smooth grid voltage characteristics can be maintained and reactive power fines are avoided.
Easy installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance
Direct grid connection technology without the use of a transformer can make installation and commissioning faster and more convenient. To install an inverter, using ABB's simple "three-in, three-out" wiring concept, simply disconnect the cable directly connected to the network, connect to the inverter, and then connect the inverter to the motor.
The ACS 2000 is designed with a removable phase module, which facilitates quick replacement of all inverter components from the front. The average repair time (MTTR) is industry-leading.
High reliability
The inverter uses a proven multi-level voltage source inverter (VSI) topology, mature high-voltage IGBT power semiconductor technology, and a motor control platform for direct torque control (DTC). Increased mean time between failures (MTBF) and increased utilization.
ACS 2000 inherits ABB's VSI topology and uses a patented, IGBT-based multi-level design that provides current and voltage waveforms that approximate sine waves, making the drive compatible with standard motors and cables.
The ACS 2000 frequency converter control platform uses ABB's award-winning DTC platform, which can provide the maximum torque and speed performance and the lowest loss never before seen in a medium voltage AC frequency converter. In all conditions, the control of the frequency converter is fast and smooth.
Lower total investment costs
Flexible power supply connection, lower harmonics and energy consumption, easy installation and commissioning, and higher reliability make the ACS 2000 a very low total investment cost throughout the life cycle.

ABB Variable-frequency Drive

Drive Type: DCS800-S02-0680-05 Manuf.: ABB ACQ580-01-073A-4 ACQ580-01-033A-4 ACQ580-01-039A-4 ACQ580-01-088A-4 ACQ580-01-106A-4 ACQ580-01-018A-4 ACQ580-01-026A-4 ACQ580-01-062A-4 ACQ580-01-046A-4

Although the inverters of different brands and models are not the same, they have grasped the common features of inverters, and learned to use one inverter to bypass other inverters. For the many parameters of the inverter, we should learn to pick out the most basic parameters, because most of the parameters are generally not applicable to our actual application, you can use its default value, especially you should learn to adjust the characteristic parameters to better The inverter works at its best.




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