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How to reduce motor speed with gears

How to reduce motor speed with gears

Definition of reduction gear motor
The reduction gear motor, also known as the gear reduction motor or the reduction motor, is a motor-driven closed transmission gear reduction device.How to reduce motor speed with gears. The reduction transmission mechanism for integrated assembly of the motor and the gear box is used to reduce the rotational speed and increase the torque to meet the mechanical equipment work. need. Gear motor products have the characteristics of "small size, large torque, low noise", which is the lifeblood of automation and the selection of transmission machinery enterprises.

How to reduce motor speed with gears

Use of reduction gear motor How to reduce motor speed with gears

1. Reduce the speed.

The speed of the motor is passed through the reduction gearbox to achieve the required speed, which is often referred to as the output speed.

2. Increase the torque.

Under the same power conditions, the slower the output speed of the geared motor, the greater the torque, and vice versa.

3. Change the direction of the drive,

For example, we use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to the other axis of rotation.

4. Clutch function:

We can achieve the purpose of power-off instant braking by adding a brake clutch.

The main application industry of reduction gear motor

How to reduce motor speed with gears

How to reduce motor speed with gears .Reducer gear motors are mainly used in products that have been widely used in heavy machinery, electronic equipment, office automation, production automation, financial machinery, crushing equipment, sand making machinery, vibrating screens, sand washing machines, conveying machinery, drying equipment, medical machinery. ,Tobacco machinery, mining equipment, hydraulic equipment, CNC machine tools, metal forming equipment, processing equipment, belt feeders, belt conveyors, industrial mills, stone production line equipment, sand production line equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery , textile machinery, food machinery, feed equipment, chemical equipment, industrial automatic control systems and equipment, packaging and molding equipment, three-dimensional garage, precision photoelectric control and other modern industrial gear motors have a high technological content. Space saving, reliable and durable.

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products industry, traditional ordinary geared motors used in manufacturing or transportation are difficult to meet strict hygiene standards, resulting in various hidden dangers of food hygiene and safety. We are committed to the professional manufacture of gear-reducing motors. Recently, gear-gear motors designed for these demanding fields have made breakthroughs in this field.How to reduce motor speed with gears. The biggest challenge for conventional motors is the fan that is often required for all motors, the configuration of the fan heatsink for cooling the motor and the housing of the fan. Connector cleaning is very difficult. The fan absorbs bacteria and dust from the surrounding air and then spreads them around the space.

How to reduce motor speed with gears
    The reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor (motor) to the required number of revolutions and obtain a mechanism with a large torque.How to reduce motor speed with gears. In the current mechanisms for transmitting power and motion, the range of applications of the reducer is quite extensive. The noise pollution of the reducer is also a major factor that damages the environment, which will hinder people from rest, study and work. How to reduce motor speed with gears.The low-noise deceleration mechanism should be the subject of research and development by our deceleration machine enterprises.
    Reducing the gear transmission noise during the operation of the reducer is an important research topic in the industry. Many scholars at home and abroad regard the change of gear tooth stiffness in gear transmission as the main factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise.How to reduce motor speed with gears. Use the shape modification method to minimize the dynamic load and speed fluctuations to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. This method has proved to be a more effective method in practice. However, with this method, there is a need for a trimming device in the process, and large and medium-sized factories are often unable to implement it.
    The noise of the gear reducer has a great influence on the smoothness of the work, the contact accuracy of the gear, the motion accuracy of the gear, and the assembly accuracy. To reduce the noise of the reducer, it is necessary to know the cause of the noise. The noise is caused by the vibration caused by the action of the periodic alternating force on the bearing and the casing during the operation of the internal gears.
   After years of research, it is proposed to optimize the gear parameters, such as the displacement coefficient, the tooth height coefficient, the pressure angle and the center distance, to minimize the impact velocity, and the ratio of the impact velocity to the impact velocity is at a certain value. How to reduce motor speed with gears.The range, the gear design method that reduces or avoids the impact of the pitch circle, can also significantly reduce the gear noise.
With the continuous improvement of processing and manufacturing technology, the development and implementation of advanced assembly technology, and the strict implementation of national and international standards, it is sure to improve the quality of the reducer and reduce the noise of the reducer. This is not only a responsibility that enterprises should undertake for an environment-friendly society, but also an inevitable need of the background of the times. Low-noise reducers will surely gain a place in the future of industrial manufacturing, which will bring us real economic benefits.

How to reduce motor speed with gears

Geared motors are generally used in transmission equipment with low speed and high torque.How to reduce motor speed with gears. The gear motor is used to reduce the speed by transmitting the motor or other high-speed transmission equipment to the gear of the output shaft through the reducer.

Gear motor selection
To determine the model number of a geared motor, you need to do the following:
1. Determine the running speed of the machine, and calculate the reduction ratio of the gear reduction motor based on this speed;
2. Calculate the torque of the load, select the output of the gear reduction motor according to this torque, and determine the model of the gear reduction motor;
3. Determine additional functions of the gear reduction motor, such as power-off brake, energized brake, frequency conversion, shrink frame, and casing material.

How to reduce motor speed with gears

Installation and maintenance considerations How to reduce motor speed with gears
1. Please confirm whether the appearance of the geared motor is damaged or not, and whether there is any oil leakage.
2. Please confirm the voltage of the geared motor first. A voltage regulator can be added when the voltage is unstable.
3. Please confirm whether the specifications of the geared motor and the design specifications are consistent.
4. Please confirm the fixed base to avoid loosening when running the drive.
5. If sprocket, pulley, coupling and other accessories are used, it must be installed in accordance with relevant regulations.
6. The lubricating oil has been placed in the body of the geared motor, and the lubricating oil is not replaced for 12000 hours.
7. When the geared motor is running, the rated current should not exceed the current value indicated on the motor nameplate.
8, please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues.
9. If it is not installed, maintained or operated in the correct way, it may cause serious damage to the geared motor.
10. When repairing or disassembling, make sure that the external power supply is completely folded away from the geared motor.
11. How to reduce motor speed with gears, The safety protection device must be installed to ensure absolute operation safety.
12. The motor needs a grounding wire. Please refer to the power distribution regulations.
13. Please confirm that all the installed parts and transmission parts are fixed correctly, then start the geared motor.
14. If the geared motor is used with the inverter at low speed, an independent auxiliary cooling fan should be installed.
15. After the single-phase geared motor is powered off, some charge remains in the capacitor. Please discharge or ground the terminal first.


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