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Siemens Push Button Models

AD16-22D/S, 3SB3001-0AA21-0AA0, 3SU1001-0AB30-0AA0, 3SU1000-4BL11-0AA0, 3SU1001-0AB60-0AA0, 3SU1051-0AB60-0AA0, 3SB3001-6AA30-0AA0, 3SU1132-0AB60-1BA0, 3SU1801-0AA00-0AB2, 3SU1900-0AD81-0AA0, 3SU1032-2BL60-0AA0, 3SU1002-2BM60-0AA0, 3SU1801-0AA00-0AB1, AD16-22B, AD16-12A, 3SU1001-0AB50-0AA0, 3SU1051-0AB20-0AA0, 3SU1051-0AB40-0AA0, 3SU1001-0AB50-0AA0, 3SU1031-0AB20-0AA0, 3SU1900-0DY30-0AA0

3SB3 button / indicator (complete set)
Flat button
3SB32 02-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71 (round, plastic)
3SB32 03-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 01-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 02-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71 (square, plastic)
3SB33 03-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 01-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 02-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71 (round, metal)
3SB36 03-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 01-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71
Illuminated button
With integrated LED, UC 24V
3SB32 45-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 46-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 47-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 45-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 46-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 47-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 45-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 46-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 47-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
With integrated LED, AC 110V
3SB32 57-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 50-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 51-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 57-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 50-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 51-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 57-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 50-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 51-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
With integrated LED, AC 230
3SB32 53-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 54-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 55-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 53-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 54-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 55-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 53-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 54-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 55-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
BA 9S lamp holder without bulb, direct power supply
3SB32 06-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 07-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB32 05-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 06-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 07-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB33 05-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 06-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 07-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB36 05-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
Mushroom push-pull switch
3SB32 02-1CA21
3SB32 03-1CA21
3SB32 01-1CA21
3SB36 02-1CA21
3SB36 03-1CA21
3SB36 01-1CA21
Two-position rotary switch (self-locking)
3SB32 02-2KA11
3SB32 01-2KA11
3SB36 02-2KA11
3SB36 01-2KA11
Three-position rotary switch (self-locking)
3SB32 10-2DA11
3SB32 08-2DA11
3SB36 10-2DA11
3SB36 08-2DA11
Three-position rotary switch (momentary)
3SB32 10-2EA11
3SB32 08-2EA11
3SB36 10-2EA11
3SB36 08-2EA11
Two-position key switch (self-locking)
3SB32 02-4AD11
3SB32 03-4AD11
3SB32 01-4AD11
3SB36 02-4AD11
3SB36 03-4AD11
3SB36 01-4AD11
Emergency stop switch (left-hand unlock)
3SB32 02-1HA20
3SB32 03-1HA20
3SB32 01-1HA20
3SB33 02-1HA20
3SB33 03-1HA20
3SB33 01-1HA20
3SB36 02-1HA20
3SB36 03-1HA20
3SB36 01-1HA20

Siemens Push Button Models
Emergency stop switch (pull up to unlock)
3SB36 02-1TA20
3SB36 03-1TA20
3SB36 01-1TA20
3SB32 33/34 / 35-7BA10
Potentiometer knob
Indicator light
With integrated LED, UC 24V
3SB3244-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3344-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3644-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3244-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3344-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3644-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
With integrated LED, AC 110V
3SB3248-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3348-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3648-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3248-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3348-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3648-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
With integrated LED, AC 230V
3SB3252-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3352-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3652-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3252-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3352-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3652-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
BA 9S lamp holder without bulb, direct power supply
3SB3204-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3304-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3604-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3204-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3304-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3604-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3 button and indicator (head)
Flat button (instant type)
3SB3000-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71/81 round, plastic
3SB3110-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71/81 square, plastic
3SB3500-0AA 11/21/31/41/51/61/71/81 round, metal
3SB3000-0AB 51/01/11/21
3SB3500-0AB 51/01/11/21
Flat button (self-locking type)
3SB3000-0DA 11/21/31/41/51/61
3SB3110-0DA 11/21/31/41/51/61
3SB3500-0DA 11/21/31/41/51/61
Convex button (instant type)
3SB3000-0BA 11/21/31/51/61
3SB3500-0BA 11/21/31/51/61
Raised button
(Self-locking type) 3SB3000-0CA11
(Press right to lock and left to unlock) 3SB3000-0CA21
(Momentary type, high position) 3SB3000-0EA11
Front ring protruding button
3SB3000-0AA 12/22/32/42/52/62
3SB3110-0AA 12/22/62
3SB3500-0AA 12/22/32/42/52/62
Toothed front ring, instantaneous type
3SB3000-0AA 13/23/33/43
3SB3110-0AA 13/33/43
Illuminated button
Flat type, instantaneous type
3SB3001-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB3111-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB3501-0AA 21/31/41/51/61/71
Flat, self-locking
3SB3001-0DA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB3111-0DA 21/31/41/51/61/71
3SB3501-0DA 21/31/41/51/61/71
Convex head, instantaneous type
3SB3001-0BA 21/31/41/51/71
3SB3501-0AA 21/31/41/51/71
Indicator light (smooth surface)
3SB3001-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3111-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3501-6AA 20/30/40/50/60/70
(Surface with halo)
3SB3001-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
3SB3501-6BA 20/30/40/50/60/70
Mushroom button
φ30mm 3SB3000-1DA 11/21/31/41
φ30mm 3SB3500-1DA 11/21/31/41
φ40mm 3SB3000-1GA 11/21/31/41
φ40mm 3SB3500-1GA 11/21/31/41
φ60mm 3SB3000-1QA 11/21/31/41
φ60mm 3SB3500-1QA 11/21/31/41
Illuminated, instantaneous
φ30mm 3SB3001-1DA 31/41/61

Siemens Push Button Models

1. SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights
SIRIUS ACT - commanding and signaling
SIRIUS ACT is a modular system of pushbuttons and indicator lights for front plate mounting and rear-mounted electrical modules. Thanks to SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET, pushbuttons and indicator lights can be connected directly via PROFINET to the controller and HMI devices – including with safety functions. Engineering and commissioning are simplified no end by the TIA Portal.
Extensive portfolio
Customized variants, e.g. special tumbler arrangements, labeling, equipped enclosures
Communication-enabled thanks to direct interfacing to AS-Interface, IO-Link or PROFINET
Diverse possible applications
National and international approvals
Many trade approvals
Short delivery times thanks to global availability
IEC/EN 60947-1
IEC/EN 60947-5-1
IEC/EN 60947-5-5 for EMERGENCY STOP devices

SIRIUS ACT is a modular system of pushbuttons and indicator lights with which customized variants can be configured flexibly.
One command point comprises:
An actuating or signaling element in front of the control panel
A holder for securing behind the control panel
Up to six contact modules and/or one LED module (mounted onto the holder), single-pole contacts can be stacked
A comprehensive range of accessories for inscription/marking
Complete units
Complete units made up of an actuating or signaling element, holder and contact modules and/or LED modules are offered for the most frequent application cases. The electrical parts are integrated and only have to be wired.

2.SIRIUS 3SB2 pushbuttons and indicator lights, 16 mm

The 3SB2 pushbuttons and indicator lights are provided for front plate mounting and rear connection with flat connectors. For use on printed circuit boards, contact blocks and lampholders with solder pins are also available.
IEC/EN 60947-1
IEC/EN 60947-5-1
IEC/EN 60947-5-5 for EMERGENCY STOP mushroom pushbuttons
PCB mounting
For use on printed circuit boards, special contact blocks and lampholders for soldering into the printed circuit board are available. For this purpose, the contact blocks and lampholders are fitted with 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm solder pins of length 3.5 mm.
The devices are climate-proof and suitable for marine applications.
Safety EMERGENCY STOP pushbuttons according to ISO 13850
For controls according to IEC/EN 60204-1, the mushroom pushbuttons of the 3SB2 series are suitable for use as safety EMERGENCY STOP pushbuttons.
Safety circuits
The IEC/EN 60947-5-1 standard requires positive opening. In other words, for the purposes of personal safety, the assured opening of NC contacts is expressly stipulated for the electrical equipment of machines in all safety circuits and marked according to IEC 60947-5-1 with the symbol (→).
Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1 can be attained with the EMERGENCY STOP mushroom pushbuttons if the corresponding fail-safe evaluation units are selected and correctly installed, e.g. the 3SK11 safety relays, the 3RK3 Modular Safety System (see Safety Technology) or matching units from the ASIsafe, SIMATIC or SINUMERIK product ranges.

3.Class 50, 51, 52 - 30mm Pilot Devices

30mm Pilot Devices and Stations
The Siemens family of 30mm pilot devices are designed to stand up to the punishing water, dust and oil environments of American manufacturing.
The following products are offered:
Class 52:
Oil tight pilot controls and accessories are designed to provide long, trouble-free service in the most demanding applications. (N4/4X/13 available)
Class 51:
Devices may be used where the presence of flammable gases, vapors or finely pulverized dust create a threat of explosion or fire. (N7/9 available)
Class 50:
Standard duty control stations are used with the magnetic controllers to start, stop, reverse, or adjust speed of applicable motors. For heavy duty control stations, see Class 52.

4. SIRIUS 3SE7 cable-operated switches
The cable-operated switches are used for monitoring or for EMERGENCY STOP devices on particularly endangered system components.
As the effective range of a cable-operated switch is only limited by the length of the trip-wire, large systems can also be protected. Cable-operated switches (requiring pulling at both ends) and conveyor belt unbalance trackers are used primarily for monitoring very long belt systems.

Siemens Push Button Models

5. SIRIUS 8WD4 signaling columns
The 8WD4 signaling columns are flexible in design and versatile in use.
8WD42 signaling column (width 50 mm) with up to 4 elements
8WD44 signaling columns (width 70 mm) with up to 5 elements
Two product series are available:
Thermoplast enclosure, diameter 50 mm
Degree of protection IP54
Up to four elements can be mounted between the connection element and the cover
Thermoplast enclosure, diameter 70 mm
Advanced design and significantly improved illumination
Faster and more flexible connection using spring-loaded terminals
Integrated degree of protection IP65
Up to five elements can be mounted between the connection element and the cover.
Signaling columns, mounting examples
The illustrated examples are from the left:
8WD42: Cover (no No.), four light elements (2), connection element (4), pipe (8), foot (9)
8WD44: Acoustic element with cover (1), two light elements (2), connection element (5), foot with pipe (11)
8WD44: Cover (no No.), four light elements (2), AS-Interface adapter element (3), connection element (4), bracket for wall mounting (6)
8WD44: Cover (no No.), three light elements (2), AS-Interface adapter element (3), connection element (5), foot with pipe (11)
Choice of various light and acoustic elements with different functions:
Continuous light, blinklight, flashlight and rotating light; buzzer and siren
Light elements with particularly long-lasting LEDs
Variety of colors: red, yellow, green, white or blue
Optimized illumination through improved prism technology with the 8WD44
Acoustic elements can be adjusted in tone and volume
Extremely resistant to shock and vibrations
Easy connection and quick lamp change with secure bayonet mechanism
Communication capability through connection to AS-Interface
Communication capability through connection to IO-Link only for 8WD44

8WD4 signaling columns are used in machines or in automatic processes for monitoring complex procedures or as visual or acoustic warning devices in emergency situations, e. g. for displaying individual assembly stages.
Communication capability
Connection to AS-Interface
The 8WD4 signaling columns can be directly connected to the AS-Interface bus system through an adapter element that can be integrated in the column. Wiring outlay is reduced as the result. The two-wire bus cable is fixed to the terminals in the connection element. Up to four signaling elements can be mounted on it using an adapter element.
A/B technology enables the connection of up to 62 slaves on one AS-Interface system.
IODD (IO Device Description)
The IO Device Description (IODD) has been defined to provide a full, transparent description of system characteristics as far as the IO-Link device. The IODD contains information about communication properties, device parameters, identification data, process and diagnostics data.

6. SIRIUS 8WD5 integrated signal lamps
Thermoplast enclosures, diameter 70 mm
Degree of protection IP65
Rated voltage 24 V, 115 V, 230 V AC/DC
Ambient temperature -20 to +50 °C, incandescent lamp up to 60 °C
The special shape of the integrated signal lamps means that the light is emitted optimally in every direction (to the sides and upwards). Continuous lights (with incandescent lamp or LED) and single-flash lights are available in five colors. As well as the continuous-light version, a flashing-light or all-round light version is also available.
The LED versions of the integrated signal lamps offer a considerably longer endurance than the incandescent lamp versions.
They all have the high degree of protection IP65 and are made of a material highly resistant to impact.
8WD53 integrated signal lamps can be mounted at any point of the machine for the purpose of giving visual signals. They are mounted by means of a Pg 29 screw base with nut.
SIRIUS 8WD53 integrated signal lamps can be used as visual signaling devices in harsh ambient conditions and in outdoor installations.
Visual signaling devices for indicating operating conditions can be used for the following applications:
Manufacturing plants
Injection molding machines
Assembly systems for electronic components

Siemens Push Button Models

1. The AD series of indicators use high-brightness solid-color LED light-emitting chips as the light source. They have long life, low energy consumption, small size, light weight, diverse head styles, high brightness, good reliability, beautiful appearance and exquisite manufacturing, which fully meet the domestic and foreign data. , Program control devices, electronic appliances control needs and is widely used in machine tools, textiles, ships, aviation, automobiles, tobacco, electricity, telecommunications, medical equipment and other fields for control circuits, signals, chains and other supporting use.
■ Opening size: φ16mm aperture;
■ Five colors to clearly indicate different working states;
■ The luminous body adopts solid color super bright LED chip, the color is pure, and the service life can reach 100,000 hours;
■ According to customer needs, the character content of the indicator can be configured;
■ The parts are made of imported materials, which are sturdy, durable and wear-resistant.
Model and meaning
Applicable environment
1. Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃;
2. Relative air temperature ≤98%;
3. It can work normally when the vibration frequency is 2-80Hz and the acceleration is 0.7g;
4. Pollution degree is 3, and installation category is Ⅲ;
5. Those with "TH" mark can work in wet tropical environment.
Main Specifications
1. Power frequency withstand voltage: 2.5KV (AC effective value), 1min;
2. Insulation resistance ≥ 2MΩ;
3. The AC indicator allows voltage fluctuations of ± 20%;
4. Continuous working life ≥ 30000H;
5. Brightness ≥100cd / m2;
6. Compared with the tracking index CTI≥100;
7. Use frequency AC50 ~ 60Hz.
Voltage, current and code comparison table
Voltage code Power voltage Current
21 AC · DC 6V 18
22 16V 18
23 24V 18
24 36V 18
25 48V 18
26 110V 16
28 DC 220V 16
31 AC 220V 16

Siemens Push Button Models

Basic concept:
A device that monitors the working or position status of circuits and electrical equipment with lights. The indicator light is usually used to reflect the working state of the circuit (powered or unpowered), the working state of the electrical equipment (operation, shutdown or test) and the position state (closed or open), etc.
The indicator light using an incandescent lamp as the light source is composed of a lamp base, a light bulb, a lampshade and connecting wires, etc., and some use light-emitting diodes as indicator lights, which are generally installed on the panels of panels, panels, tables and cabinets of high and low voltage power distribution devices On the surface of some low-voltage electrical equipment, instruments or other conspicuous locations. The indicator light reflecting the working status of the equipment is usually in red to indicate that it is in operation, the green light is indicating that it is in shutdown, and the milky white light is in the test state; the indicator light reflecting the position status of the equipment is usually to indicate that the equipment is live Off means that the device is out of power; the indicator light reflecting the working status of the circuit, usually the red light is on when it is live, and the green light is on when there is no power. In order to avoid misjudgment, the integrity of the light bulb or light-emitting diode should be checked frequently or regularly during operation.
The rated working voltage of the indicator lamp is 220, 110, 48, 36, 24, 12, 6, 3 V, etc. Due to the limitation of the current through the control circuit, and in order to extend the service life of the bulb, it is often used to add a current limiting resistor in front of the bulb or use two bulbs in series to reduce the operating voltage.


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