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Worm gear reverse,worm gear reducer specification

worm gear reverse and Analysis of Parts of R Series Helical Gear Reducer


What is the worm gear reverse of the parts of the R series reducer:


R series reducers are mainly composed of transmission parts (gears or worms, etc.), shafts, bearings, cabinets and accessories. Now the small series briefly introduces the structure of the reducer.


The first is the worm gear reducer specification of the gear shaft and the bearing of the helical gear, and the pinion and the high speed shaft are a system using a gear shaft structure. This structure is used in a case where the diameter of the gear and the diameter of the shaft are not much different. The installation law of the R97 reducer is that the large gear is mounted on the low speed shaft, and then the flat key is used for the surrounding fixing. The parts on the reducer bearing are axially fixed by the shoulder, the sleeve and the bearing cap. Since the gear of the helical gear reducer has axial component force, the two shafts are supported by a pair of tapered roller bearings, which are combined with the radial load and axial load of the R series reducer. The box is also an important component of the R series reducer. The box is the base of the transmission parts. Because of its sufficient strength and rigidity, the general reduction case is usually cast in gray cast iron, and the cast steel case can also be used for the heavy-duty R97 reducer subjected to impact load. However, in order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of the shafting components, the casing is generally made to be horizontally split along the axis. The box bases of the upper and lower boxes are integrally joined by ordinary bolts.



In order to ensure the normal operation of the R series reducer, in addition to the structural design of the gears, shafts, bearing worm gear reducer specifications and cabinets, it is also necessary to consider the accessories for the oil pumping of the helical gear reducer, oil discharge, check the oil level, The design and reasonable selection of auxiliary parts such as precise positioning and lifting of the upper and lower cases when the reducer is disassembled. The ventilator is also very important for the R series helical gear reducer. When the R series reducer is working, the temperature inside the box rises, the gas expands, and the pressure increases. In order to allow the air that is heated and expanded in the tank to be freely discharged and to ensure the pressure balance inside and outside the tank, the lubricating oil may not leak along the sub-tank surface and the shaft extension or other gaps, usually in the R series helical gear reducer. The top of the box is equipped with a ventilator. There are also bearing caps and sealing devices in the R97 reducer, which are used to fix the axial position of the shaft components and to withstand axial loads. The bore ends of the bearing housings are sealed with bearing caps. The bearing cap has a built-in crown and edge. The most commonly used is the flanged bearing cap. It is usually fixed on the box with a hexagonal screw.



I believe that everyone knows what the positioning pin of the R series reducer is. In order to accurately machine the bearing housing hole and ensure that the upper and lower half holes of the bearing housing always maintain the positional accuracy during machining, it should be in front of the finished bearing housing hole. A positioning pin is fitted to the coupling flange of the upper and lower case. The positioning pin adopts two positioning conical pins which are arranged on the coupling flanges on the longitudinal sides of the box body, and are arranged asymmetrically to enhance the positioning effect. The locating pin has a cap screw, and the cap screw function is used to enhance the sealing effect. Usually, when the R97 reducer is assembled, water glass or sealant is applied to the split surface of the box body, so when the R series reducer is disassembled, It is difficult to separate due to tight bonding.

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