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MC series industrial gear units are particularly compact helical and helical-bevel gear units. The 7 sizes available in the MC series cover the 6 to 65 kNm (4,000 to 48,000 ft-lb) torque range. Their parallel shaft design offers plenty of flexibility in system design and requires remarkably little space. A version, based on this series, with extended bearing distance and reinforced output shaft, is also available.


Bevel industrial gearbox MC series is adopted from SEW series technical. With difference from cylindrical gears. this gearbox has a long life feature. The dimension of this speed reducer is same as the SEW’. Most of our gear reducers are replaceable to SEW and Flender brand. Especially for bevel and helical reducer, cylindrical gears which are used widely in industrial business. Also we have other industrial gear units such as dcy cylindrical gear reducer which is similar to MC reducer. DCY gear unit is cylindrical but MC is helical bevel type.

1. Housing:
Casting Iron Box
2. Gears:
Hardened Helical Gears (MC.H Series Parallel Shaft Gearbox)
Hardened Helical Bevel Gears (MC.B Series Right Angle Gearbox)
3. Shafts:
Parallel Shafts (MC.H Series)
Orthogonal Shafts (MC.B Series)
Output Shaft: Solid Shaft, Hollow Shaft
4. Modular Accessories:
Shrink Disk, Mounting Flange, Motor Flange, Cooling Fan, Torque Arm, Double Input Shaft


1. Optional mounted by any one side of six sides.
2. Compact structure, light weight.
3. Rigid welded box structure, heavy duty and high load capacity.
4. Modular scheme and design for special conditions, adapting to the diverse needs.
5. 2 stage or 3 stage drive gearbox.

Crushing, Mixing, Building Materials, Lifting, Bulk Material Handling, Chemical, Food Processing, Wood, Paper, and Environmental Protection Industries. transporting heavy loads, crane drives and shredders.

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