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Mechanical speed-variator VARIO mechanical speed-variator,Mechanical variable speed-drive | Gear motors, gear reducers, gear-units 
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Category: Gearheads with electromotor mechanical variator gearbox.

VARIO mechanical speed-variator, Mechanical variable speed-drive ,mechanical speed variator principle


The planetary mechanical speed variator cone disc variators of the patented series VARIO are built in an aluminium die-casted housing in 3 sizes: small, medium and large, respectively for motors of IEC size 63, 71 and 80. mechanical variator , motor speed variator.
Each VARIO mechanical speed variators is equipped with filler, level and breather plugs to make it suitable for any mounting speed variator motor position.
VARIO can operate in both directions, input and output shafts rotate in the same direction. mechanical variable speed gearbox.
Hand wheel can be fitted to both sides of control box for convenient installation. mechanical variable speed drive
The cone discs are made in case hardened bearing steel, to increasethe durability of each VARIO speed variator. 
VARIO are supplied with mineral lubricant ISO VG 46, with the quantity of oil for positions B3-B5 mechanical variators
As a consequence of its operating principles, based on the satellites friction, motor variator the appropriate lubrication is essential for the correct duration and efficiency of VARIO. mechanical variable speed drives
It is electronic speed variator strictly recommended, in addition, to avoid mixing two different oil types. speed variators, If you change type of oil, make first sure youclean VARIO with appropriate chemical thinner mechanical gear reducer.
All mechanical speed VARIO are supplied with filler, level and breather plugs. Before start-up speed variator gearbox, you must place the breather plug on the top like in the following pictures variator drive.


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