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M3AA aluminum motor

The following is the model of [ABB motor] M3AA series motor:

0.37 M3AA71A2 3GAA071311-A*ECN 1,198 3GAA071311-B*ECN 1 ,258

0.55 M3AA71B2 3GAA071312-A*ECN 1,290 3GAA071312-B*ECN 1 ,355
0.75 M3AA80B2 3GAA081312-A*ECN 1,415 3GAA081312-B*ECN 1 ,486
1.1 M3AA80C2 3GAA081313-A*ECN 1,523 3GAA081313-B*ECN 1 ,599
1.5 M3AA90L2 3GAA091312-A*ECN 1,691 3GAA091312-B*ECN 1 ,776
2.2 M3AA90LB2 3GAA091313-A*ECN 1,943 3GAA091313-B*ECN 2 ,040
3 M3AA100LB2 3GAA101312-A*ECN 2,500 3GAA101312-B*ECN 2 ,625
4 M3AA112MB2 3GAA111312-A*ECN 2,852 3GAA111312-B*ECN 2 ,995
5.5 M3AA132SB2 3GAA131312-A*ECN 4,000 3GAA131312-B*ECN 4 ,200
7.5 M3AA132SC2 3GAA131313-A*ECN 4,400 3GAA131313-B*ECN 4 ,620

1500 r/min = 4pole
0.25 M3AA71AA4 3GAA072310-A*ECN 1,245 3GAA072310-B*ECN 1 ,307
0.37 M3AA71B4 3GAA072312-A*ECN 1,338 3GAA072312-B*ECN 1 ,405
0.55 M3AA80AA4 3GAA082310-A*ECN 1,399 3GAA082310-B*ECN 1 ,469
0.75 M3AA80E4 3GAA082315-A*ECN 1,457 3GAA082315-B*ECN 1 ,530
1.1 M3AA90LB4 3GAA092314-A*ECN 1,775 3GAA092314-B*ECN 1 ,864
1.5 M3AA90LD4 3GAA092315-A*ECN 1,970 3GAA092315-B*ECN 2 ,069
2.2 M3AA100LC4 3GAA102313-A*ECN 2,366 3GAA102313-B*ECN 2 ,484
3 M3AA100LD4 3GAA102314-A*ECN 2,642 3GAA102314-B*ECN 2 ,774
4 M3AA112MB4 3GAA112312-A*ECN 3,013 3GAA112312-B*ECN 3 ,164
5.5 M3AA132M4 3GAA132312-A*ECN 4,083 3GAA132312-B*ECN 4 ,287
7.5 M3AA132MA4 3GAA132314-A*ECN 4,702 3GAA132314-B*ECN 4 ,937

1000 r/min = 6pole
0.18 M3AA71A6 3GAA073311-A*ECN 1,295 3GAA073311-B*ECN 1 ,360
0.25 M3AA71B6 3GAA073312-A*ECN 1,393 3GAA073312-B*ECN 1 ,463
0.37 M3AA80A6 3GAA083311-A*ECN 1,488 3GAA083311-B*ECN 1 ,562
0.55 M3AA80BB6 3GAA083314-A*ECN 1,578 3GAA083314-B*ECN 1 ,657
0.75 M3AA90LB6 3GAA093313-A*ECN 1,778 3GAA093313-B*ECN 1 ,867
1.1 M3AA90LD6 3GAA093314-A*ECN 1,840 3GAA093314-B*ECN 1 ,932
1.5 M3AA100LC6 3GAA103312-A*ECN 2,345 3GAA103312-B*ECN 2 ,462
2.2 M3AA112MB6 3GAA113312-A*ECN 2,847 3GAA113312-B*ECN 2 ,989
3 M3AA132S6 3GAA133311-A*ECN 3,965 3GAA133311-B*ECN 4 ,163
4 M3AA132MB6 3GAA133313-A*ECN 4,178 3GAA133313-B*ECN 4 ,387
5.5 M3AA132MC6 3GAA133314-A*ECN 4,690 3GAA133314-B*ECN 4 ,925

750 r/min = 8pole
0.09 M3AA71A8 3GAA074001-A*ECN 1,284 3GAA074001-B*ECN 1 ,348
0.12 M3AA71B8 3GAA074002-A*ECN 1,381 3GAA074002-B*ECN 1 ,450
0.18 M3AA80A8 3GAA084001-A*ECN 1,475 3GAA084001-B*ECN 1 ,549
0.25 M3AA80B8 3GAA084002-A*ECN 1,565 3GAA084002-B*ECN 1 ,643
0.37 M3AA90S8 3GAA094001-A*ECN 1,738 3GAA094001-B*ECN 1 ,825
0.55 M3AA90L8 3GAA094002-A*ECN 1,866 3GAA094002-B*ECN 1 ,959
0.75 M3AA100LA8 3GAA104001-A*ECN 2,274 3GAA104001-B*ECN 2 ,388
1.1 M3AA100LB8 3GAA104002-A*ECN 2,575 3GAA104002-B*ECN 2 ,704
1.5 M3AA112M8 3GAA114101-A*ECN 2,900 3GAA114101-B*ECN 3 ,045
2.2 M3AA132S8 3GAA134001-A*ECN 3,932 3GAA134001-B*ECN 4 ,129
3 M3AA132M8 3GAA134002-A*ECN 4,458 3GAA134002-B*ECN 4 ,681

1. The motor meets the following standardsInternational electrotechnical commission IEC34, IEC72Australian standard as 1359-2British standard bs 4999-5000German standard DIN42673Compliance with ec "CE" marking requirementsThe motors comply with GB755 (idt IEC 60034-1), GB10069(neq IEC 60034-9), Q/JBQS28

2. Excellent motor performanceLow noise, low vibrationThrough optimization design and process improvement,QAL series motors have greatly reduced the noise and vibration and reached the international advanced level.High performance protection classThe standard design protection grade of the motor is IP55, and higher protection grade can be provided according to customer requirements.Improve the insulation level, increase the life of the motorThe standard motor adopts f-class insulation structure, which improves the service life and reliability of the motor.High efficiencyThe motor adopts the optimized design, has the high efficiency, may produce the considerable energy saving effect.

3. A large number of choices to meet the needs of various usersInstall thermistorsInstall dust proof sealing ringAdd the heating stripInstall oil-proof sealing ringInstall oil nozzleSpecial shaft extension, special flange and other requirementsConditions of use: the elevation shall not exceed 1000MRing temperature at 15 ℃ and 40 ℃Voltage, frequency and mode of operationOperating voltage: 380V

Aluminum motor, the material used is aluminum, advantages are light, good fan performance, good thermal conductivity, can alloy steel, good plasticity, elongation is lower than iron, low noise, good action stability, disadvantage is high price, low hardness, suitable for the device in the place where not much effort,

Cast iron motor: the motor shell is made of cast iron material, the advantage is high hardness, resistance to external pressure, easy to deformation, low price, can be installed in some work driving force is big, the environment is also relatively poor place. Disadvantages are light weight, poor thermal conductivity, can not alloy steel, plasticity can be bad, elongation is higher than aluminum. The noise is big, the stability is not as good as aluminum.

The shell material varies according to its purpose.

Large motors are generally made of cast iron. Only small motors use aluminum, similar to the use of copper materials. To say which shell material is good, it depends on the occasion of the motor. For example, the printer motor, always can not use cast iron, because the motor reject the accuracy is higher; Winch casing can not be made of copper, high cost, not economic, too good strength.

Aluminum motor is generally a smooth motor with high dc working torque are installed in the place that is not very force, because aluminum to soft, cast iron motor is more powerful are installed in some work on the driving force of the local environment is also relatively poor, the stability is not so good as aluminum sound operation. Aluminum may not have sound operation, copper core aluminum motor fan, but the housing wear resistance is better, but the price of aluminum motor is lower. Aluminum fans are good, light and cute, iron fans are relatively poor, but the price is relatively low, there is no difference in performance.

Aluminum motor industry because of less pollution and known as the green products of the motor industry, favored by more and more countries, especially in the more developed countries, aluminum motor has been quite popular, cast iron motor gradually replaced by aluminum motor has become an irresistible trend of development in the 21st century.

Aluminum motor is our company after many years of development, combined with the European advanced technology, and the use of new manufacturing technology and design and development of environmentally friendly new products.

Product features: the product conforms to the relevant lEC regulations of the international electrical association, self-fan cooling, oil seal structure, with high efficiency, large starting torque and other characteristics

Aluminum frame frame, end cover, foot, can be made of movable foot

IP54, IP55 can be made as required

Class B insulation, can be made according to the requirements of class F insulation

Voltage available as required (220/380v, 380/660v,

220/340 v, 220/440v, 400/415v)

Frequency: 50 or 60HZ

Star connection below 3KW, triangle connection above

Beautiful appearance, suitable for high load work

Cooling mode: IC0141

S1 continuous working system, it can be used as frame iec 63-132

High efficiency (can be made in accordance with the European efficiency 1 and European efficiency 2 standards) product advantages: waterproof, dustproof,

Small size, light weight, low noise, low anti-corrosion vibration, stable operation, energy saving, high performance, high efficiency, long service life

Aluminum motor, the material is aluminum, the advantages are light weight, good heat dissipation performance, good thermal conductivity, can die casting, plasticity can be good, elongation is higher than iron, low noise, good action stability, the disadvantage is high price, low hardness, the appropriate device is not very much effort in the place,

Cast iron motor: the motor shell is made of cast iron material, the advantage is high hardness, resistance to external pressure, not easy to deformation, low price, can be installed in some work driving force is big, the environment is also relatively poor place. Disadvantages are heavy weight, poor thermal conductivity, can not die casting, plasticity can be bad, elongation is lower than aluminum. Big noise, stability is not as good as aluminum /list-17-1. HTML consulting hotline 4000-966-850, QQ1317866343, WeChat public number: ykg-dj

The difference between aluminum motor and cast iron motor, motor advantages and disadvantages comparison is far from the above, through the actual work, life, we can also find more differences between them and advantages and disadvantages, so as to choose more suitable for their own equipment to use the motor. Note the following motor models with different functions and characteristics:

YVF2(YVP) variable frequency cast iron motor/aluminum motor

YVF2EJ(YPEJ) with brake variable frequency cast iron motor/aluminum motor

YE2 cast iron motor/aluminum motor

Y2EJ electromagnetic brake cast iron motor/aluminum motor

YL double capacitor start single phase cast iron motor/aluminum motor

YC single capacitor start single phase cast iron motor/aluminum motor

Three phase, MS series Aluminium housing motors are acknowledged that having a good fame for quality and reliability, they are suitable for driving machines which do not have special requirement, such as machine tools, pumps, blowers etc.

- Excellent Ventilated
- Light weight construction
- Top mounted terminal box
- IP55 Protection
- Interchangeable foot mounting and flange mounting
- Motor frame Size form 56-160
- 2,4 and 6 pole
Operating Conditions
Ambient temperature: -15oC<q<40oC
Above sea level: not exceed 1000m
Rated voltage: ±5%

Interested in three-phase asynchronous motor research, or purchase, use needs of friends can pay attention to the yongkun motor public, discuss together, share more motor knowledge. When I was selling YK motors, customers often came to me directly to ask the price for the model or parameters. For example, 0.75kw, 4, 6 pole motor, because the given is not the complete model, although he knows that this is to three-phase asynchronous motor. However, three-phase asynchronous motors are divided into ordinary YE2 aluminum shell motor and cast iron motor, YL double capacitor start, YC single capacitor start aluminum, iron shell motor, YVF2 (YVP) frequency conversion aluminum (iron) aluminum motor, YVF2EJ (YPEJ) with brake (brake) frequency conversion iron shell, aluminum shell motor. These three phase asynchronous motors all have 0.75kw and 4\6 poles, so be sure to know and distinguish them. And these motors not only have different characteristics, but also different materials, aluminum shell material and cast iron, when asked which material customers need, customers often do not know which one to choose, so you can through comparison, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two to choose.

Brake motor is divided into: dc brake motor, ac brake motor. Dc brake motor needs to be installed with rectifier. The rectified voltage is 99V, 170V or 90-108v. The fastest braking time of dc brake motor is around 0.6 seconds because of the rectified voltage. Ac brake motor because of direct 380V voltage, no rectification, braking time can be completed in 0.2 seconds. Dc brake motor is simple in structure and cheap in cost. Ac brake motor has complex structure, high cost, obvious braking effect and durability, which is an ideal power for automatic control. But dc brake motor, ac brake motor brake parts (namely the brake) can not be connected to variable frequency voltage, need additional wiring synchronization control!

There is an electromagnetic holding brake at the tail of the aluminum motor. When the motor is energized, it is also energized and absorbs and closes. At this time, it does not brake on the motor.

The two wires are the ac input terminals of a rectifying full bridge and connected to any two incoming wires of the motor to input 380 volts synchronously with the motor. The two dc output terminals are connected to the brake excitation coil. The working principle is that when the motor is energized, the coil will generate a direct current suction to separate the two friction surfaces at the tail, and the motor will rotate freely. Otherwise, the motor will brake through the spring to restore the force. Coil resistance varies from tens to hundreds of ohms, depending on the motor power.

Aluminum shell motor, use of the material is aluminum, advantages of light weight, good heat dissipation performance, good thermal conductivity and can die casting, good good plasticity and elongation rate higher than that of iron, low noise, good stability, defect is high price, low hardness, suitable device output, it doesn't have to be a cast iron motor: the motor shell is multi-purpose cast iron material is qualitative, advantages of high hardness, resistance to pressure big, not easy deformation, low prices, can carry on some work driving force.

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