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M2QA-W outdoor motor


M2QA0.37-2P M2QA0.55-2P M2QA0.75-2P M2QA1.1-2P 
M2QA1.5-2P M2QA2.2-2P M2QA3-2P M2QA4-2P 
M2QA5.5-2P M2QA7.5-2P M2QA11-2P M2QA15-2P 
M2QA18.5-2P M2QA22-2P M2QA30-2P M2QA37-2P 
M2QA45-2P M2QA55-2P M2QA75-2P M2QA90-2P 
M2QA110-2P M2QA132-2P M2QA160-2P M2QA200-2P 
M2QA250-2P M2QA315-2P M2QA0.25-4P M2QA0.37-4P 
M2QA0.55-4P M2QA0.75-4P M2QA1.1-4P M2QA1.5-4P 
M2QA2.2-4P M2QA3-4P M2QA4-4P M2QA5.5-4P M2QA7.5-4P 
M2QA11-4P M2QA15-4P M2QA18.5-4P M2QA22-4P
M2QA30-4P M2QA37-4P M2QA45-4P M2QA55-4P M2QA75-4P
M2QA90-4P M2QA110-4P M2QA132-4P M2QA160-4P 
M2QA200-4P M2QA250-4P M2QA315-4P M2QA0.18-6P 
M2QA0.25-6P M2QA0.37-6P M2QA0.55-6P
M2QA0.75-6P M2QA1.1-6P M2QA1.5-6P M2QA2.2-6P
M2QA3-6P M2QA4-6P M2QA5.5-6P M2QA7.5-6P
M2QA11-6P M2QA15-6P M2QA18.5-6P M2QA22-6P
M2QA30-6P M2QA37-6P M2QA45-6P M2QA55-6P
M2QA75-6P M2QA90-6P M2QA110-6P M2QA132-6P
M2QA160-6P M2QA200-6P M2QA250-6P 
M2QA0.18-8P M2QA0.25-8P M2QA0.37-8P M2QA0.55-8P
M2QA0.75-8P M2QA1.1-8P M2QA1.5-8P M2QA2.2-8P
M2QA3-8P M2QA4-8P M2QA5.5-8P M2QA7.5-8P
M2QA11-8P M2QA15-8P M2QA18.5-8P M2QA22-8P
M2QA30-8P M2QA37-8P M2QA45-8P M2QA55-8P
M2QA75-8P M2QA90-8P M2QA110-8P M2QA132-8P
M2QA160-8P M2QA200-8P 

M2QA90S2A M2QA90L2A M2QA100L2A M2QA112M2A
M2QA132S2B M2QA160M2A M2QA160M2B M2QA160L2A
M2QA160L2B M2QA180M2A M2QA200L2A M2QA200L2B
M2QA225M2A M2QA250M2A M2QA280S2A M2QA280M2A
M2QA315S2A M2QA315M2A M2QA315L2A M2QA315L2B
M2QA355M2A M2QA355L2A
M2QA90S4A M2QA90L4A M2QA100L4A M2QA112M4A
M2QA132S4B M2QA160M4A M2QA160M4B
M2QA160L4B M2QA180M4A M2QA200L4A M2QA200L4B
M2QA225M4A M2QA250M4A M2QA280S4A M2QA280M4A
M2QA315S4A M2QA315M4A M2QA315L4A M2QA315L4B
M2QA90S6A M2QA90L6A M2QA100L6A M2QA112M6A
M2QA132S6B M2QA160M6A M2QA160M6B M2QA160L6A
M2QA160L6B M2QA180M6A M2QA200L6A M2QA200L6B
M2QA225M6A M2QA250M6A M2QA280S6A M2QA280M6A
M2QA315S6A M2QA315M6A M2QA315L6A M2QA315L6B
M2QA355M6A M2QA355L6A
M2QA90S8A M2QA90L8A M2QA100L8A M2QA112M8A
M2QA132S8B M2QA160M8A M2QA160M8B M2QA160L8A
M2QA160L8B M2QA180M8A M2QA200L8A M2QA200L8B
M2QA225M8A M2QA250M8A M2QA280S8A M2QA280M8A
M2QA315S8A M2QA315M8A M2QA315L8A M2QA315L8B
M2QA355M8A M2QA355L8A

M2qa-w outdoor series three-phase asynchronous motors are suitable for use in outdoor environment. The motors are made of high quality materials and special processing technology, which can extend the service life of the motors under reasonable maintenance conditions.

1. The motor meets the following standardsInternational electrotechnical commission IEC34, IEC72Australian standard as 1359-2British standard bs 4999-5000German standard DIN42673Compliance with ec "CE" marking requirementsThe motors comply with GB755 (idt IEC 60034-1), GB10069(neq IEC 60034-9), Q/JBQS28

2. Excellent motor performanceLow noise, low vibrationThrough optimized design and process improvement,QA series motors have greatly reduced the noise and vibration and reached the international advanced level.High performance protection classThe standard design protection grade of the motor is IP55, and higher protection grade can be provided according to customer requirements.Suitable for wide voltageThe design of the motor takes into account the voltage variation in different regions, so that the motor can be used in multiple regions and ensure the performance of users.Improve the insulation level, increase the life of the motorThe standard motor adopts f-class insulation structure, which improves the service life and reliability of the motor.High efficiencyThe motor adopts the optimized design, has the high efficiency, may produce the considerable energy saving effect.

3. Reasonable structural designFlexible outlet line directionThe motor junction box can be installed at the top, left or right of the motor. The junction box itself can be rotated. The junction box of the 71-132 frame can be rotated in the direction of 4*90. The terminal box of 160 and above can be rotated 2*180. Users must indicate the direction of junction box and outlet hole when ordering.Beautiful motor shapeThe heat dissipation ribs of the frame are designed to be distributed vertically and horizontally, and the end cover, junction box and wind cover are all new designs with unique and beautiful appearance.

4. Numerous choices to meet the needs of various usersInstall thermistorsInstall dust proof sealing ringAdd the heating stripInstall oil-proof sealing ringInstall oil nozzleSpecial shaft extension, special flange and other requirementsConditions of use: the elevation shall not exceed 1000MTemperature in ring - 20 ℃ and 40 ℃Voltage, frequency and mode of operationOperating voltage: 220-240v (50HZ)380-420 - v (50 hz)660-690 - v (50 hz)440-480 - v (60 hz)Working mode: continuous (S1)Bearings: NSK bearings, JapanIf the user needs a specific operating voltage, it can be supplied on a special request.

M2qa-w outdoor series three-phase asynchronous motors are suitable for outdoor environment. The motors are made of high-quality materials and special processing technology, which can extend the service life of the motors under reasonable maintenance conditions.

Motor parameter editing

International electrotechnical commission IEC34, IEC72


Comply with ec "CE" mark requirements

The motor conforms to GB755, GB10069, Q/JBQS28

Motor performance

Low noise, low vibration

Through the optimization of design and process improvement,QA series motors in the noise, vibration has been greatly reduced and reached the international advanced level.

High performance protection level

The standard design protection level of the motor is IP55, and higher protection level can be provided according to customer requirements.

Suitable for wide voltage

The motor design considers the voltage variation in different areas, so that the motor can be used in multiple areas and ensure the user's performance.

Improve insulation level, increase motor service life

The standard motor adopts f-class insulation structure, thus improving the service life and reliability of the motor.

High efficiency

The motor adopts optimized design, which has high efficiency and can produce considerable energy saving effect.

The structure design

Flexible lead out direction

The installation mode of the motor junction box can be at the top, left side and right side of the motor. The junction box itself can be rotated for installation. The junction box of the frame of 71-132 can be rotated 4*90 directions. 160 or above frame junction box can be rotated 2*180 direction. The terminal box and outlet hole direction must be marked when ordering.

Beautiful motor design

The heat sink of the frame is designed to be distributed vertically and horizontally. The end cover, junction box and wind cover are all newly designed with unique and beautiful appearance.

To meet the requirements

Add a thermistor

Add dust proof sealing ring

Add heating belt

Install oil-proof seal ring

Install injection nozzle

Special shaft extension, special flange and other requirements

Conditions of use: altitude not exceeding 1000M

Temperature in ring - 20 ℃ and 40 ℃

Voltage, frequency and mode of operation

Operating voltage: 220-240v (50HZ)

380-420 - v (50 hz)

660-690 - v (50 hz)

440-480 - v (60 hz)

Working mode: continuous (S1)

Bearing: Japan NSK bearing

Motor features edit

Specially designed for outdoor use environment, using special surface treatment and protection process, anti-corrosion

Strengthen insulation treatment, safe and reliable

High efficiency and energy saving, reduce operation cost, enable the end user to recover the higher purchase cost within 6-18 months.

High reliability, ensure continuous and stable operation of equipment, low failure rate. Reduce maintenance costs.

Using imported bearings, advanced technology, so that the motor life is longer, a purchase. Years of benefits.

Flexible design. Can add a variety of accessories according to customer requirements.

Product code

M2QA series motor product code

A, B, C, D, E, F

M2QA 100L2A M2QA 10 1 5 10 - A D C

1-4, 5-6, 7, 8-10, 11, 12, 13, 14

A type of motor

B motor size

C product code

D installation form code

E voltage and frequency code

F origin code

(C, D, E, F) code definition


M2QA= cast iron fully enclosed self - cooling squirrel cage motor

5-6 position

IEC box no.

07=71, 10=100, 16=160, 22=225, 31=315

08=80, 11=112, 18=180, 25=250, 35=355

09 13 = = 90 28 132 20 = 200 = 280

7 position

Speed (number of poles)

1=2 pole 3=6 pole 5=10 pole 7=>12 pole 9= multiple speeds

2=4, 4=8, 6=12, 8= double speed


Serial number

11 position


12 position

Type of installation

A= sole installation, terminal box overhead

R= sole mounting, terminal box set to the right (d-end from drive end)

L= sole mounting, junction box left

B = large flange mounting

C= small flange installation (71-112)

H= sole and flange mounting

S= sole and flange mounting, junction box set right

T= sole and flange installation, junction box left

J= sole and flange mounting (small flange)

13 position

Voltage and frequency codes

A = 380 vy50hz B = 380 v delta 50 hz

D = 380-420 - v delta 50 hz / 440-480 - v delta vy50hz 60 hz / 660-690

E = delta 50 hz, 500 v / 575 v delta 60 hz

F = 500 vy50hz / 575 vy60hz

H = 415 v delta 50 hz

S = 220-240 - v delta 50 hz/vy60hz vy50hz / 440-480. 380-420

T = 660 v delta 50 hz

U = 690 v delta 50 hz

X= other voltages, frequencies and connections below 690V

Motor model editing

M2QA W - 0.18-6 pm2qa - 18.5 - W p

0.37 2 pm2qa M2QA - W - W 15-8 p

0.25 4 pm2qa M2QA -w -w 30-2 p

M2QA 30-0.55 2 pm2qa W - W - 4 p

M2QA W - 0.25-6 pm2qa - W22 - p

0.37 4 pm2qa M2QA - W - W37-2 p

M2QA - 0.37-6 pm2qa - W18.5-8 W p

0.55 4 pm2qa M2QA - W - W37-4 p

M2QA - 0.75 2 pm2qa W - W22-8 p

M2QA W - 0.55-6 pm2qa - W30 - p

0.75 4 pm2qa M2QA - W - W45-4 p

1.1 2 pm2qa M2QA - W - W45-2 p

M2QA - 0.75-6 pm2qa - W30-8 W p

1.1 4 pm2qa M2QA - W - W37-6 p

1.5 2 pm2qa M2QA - W - W55-4 p

M2QA 1.1-6 pm2qa - W55-2 - W p

1.5 4 pm2qa M2QA - W - W37-8 p

M2QA - 2.2 2 pm2qa W - W45-6 p

M2QA - pm2qa W2.2-4 - W75-4 p

M2QA W1.1-8 pm2qa - W75-2 p

M2QA W1.5-6 pm2qa - W45-8 p

M2QA - pm2qa W3-4 - W55-6 p

M2QA pm2qa - W3-2 - W90-4 p

M2QA W1.5-8 pm2qa - W90-2 p

M2QA W2.2-6 pm2qa - W55-8 p

M2QA - pm2qa W4-4 - W110-4 p

M2QA pm2qa W4-2 - W110-2 p

M2QA W2.2-8 pm2qa - W45-10 p

M2QA - W3-6 pm2qa - W75 - p

M2QA - pm2qa W5.5-4 - W90-6 p

M2QA pm2qa W5.5-2 - W75-8 p

M2QA pm2qa W7.5-2 - W132-4 p

M2QA W4-6 pm2qa - W55-10 p

M2QA - W3-8 pm2qa - W132-2 p

M2QA - pm2qa W7.5-4 - W90-8 p

M2QA W5.5-6 pm2qa - W160-2 p

M2QA W4-8 pm2qa - W110-6 p

M2QA W7.5-6 pm2qa - W160-4 p

M2QA pm2qa W11-2 - W110-8 p

M2QA W11-4 p * M2QA - W200-2 p

M2QA W5.5-8 pm2qa - W200-4 p

M2QA pm2qa W15-2 - W132-6 p

M2QA - pm2qa W15-4 - W75-10 p

M2QA W11-6 p * M2QA - W250-2 p

M2QA - W7.5 M2QA - W250-4-8 p * p

M2QA W18.5-2 * M2QA W160-6 p

M2QA - * M2QA - W200 W18.5-4-6 p

M2QA - W22-2 p

M2QA - W11-8 p * M2QA - W315-4 p

M2QA W15-6 p * M2QA - W250 - p

M2QA W22-4 p * M2QA - W315-2 p

There must be a difference between outdoor motor and ordinary motor in the protection level, the use of the environment is not the same, the protection requirements are not the same, the worse the use of environmental conditions on the motor protection level is higher.

pump factory thought to use the indoor motor, in fact, the pump is installed in the outdoor requirements of the user must be external motor.

But now the motor has been bought, the specific parameters are as follows:

Manufacturer: nanyang

L - six models: YB3-160

Explosion-proof mark: dII BT4

Protection grade: IP55

Installation method: IMB3

Insulation grade: F

Cooling method: IC411


Asked several electrical professionals about the difference between indoor and outdoor motors, they only said that the protection level is not the same (but now are waterproof and dustproof IP55), other also can not say why. Still have a kind of view is the protection class of explosion-proof motor of nanyang achieves IP55 is provided by exterior type

Outdoor motor, outdoor motor, outdoor motor switching torque star delta control star delta start




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